RetroArch 1.7.5 released: Nintendo Switch version is now available, UI improvements for touch devices, easier screen recording, adaptive V-Sync on OpenGL for Windows/Linux and more!


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10 Responses

  1. mike says:

    no xbox 360 no fun who cares about switch

  2. retrocade81 says:

    It’s good for a first release but still needs the pcsx rearmed core working on as games with more than 5 cdda tracks just crash.

  3. ZafotheNinja says:

    Did they ever get the n64 module to work on the vita port? N64 is still stuck in the psp emu daedalusx64 realm.

  4. Long Tu says:

    Retroarch 1.75 for nintendo switch is very lag in pcsx rearmed, fps approx 20, the 3d is low resolution while I install retroNX, the pcsx rearmed is smooth 60 fps. retroarch 1.75 in ps vita for pcsx rearmed is very smooth with 60 fps for ntsc. why nintendo switch very lag ? I not yet tried plug in dock or overclocking cpu or gpu of the switch.

    It very lag the same in lakka when I play gamecube emulator, the microsd card is fat32, newest version of lakka, the same in 2 emulator gamecube in lakka very lag, but the resolution of 3d render is high, fps approx 20, very lag, I’ve tried to overclocking all parameter of mhz in cpu or gpu of the switch and plug it in dock, but no positive. I love gamecube emulator. How to play it with fps relatively

    • tiko says:

      turn on threaded video option and there you go

      • Long Tu says:

        thanks tiko, I must try it in next version 1.76, hope have gamecube emulator in retroarch, the retroNX and retroarch can not install together, I’ve deleted retroarch when it lag, copy it in filezilla very slow, it have 7000 small file in 900MB.

        and tiko, can I ask you know the way to play gamecube emulator smooth at 60fps, should I config what in lakka ? what exactly config in video ?

  5. Danielkip says:

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