Playstation Classic vs a hacked PSTV – A quick comparison from a console hacker’s point of view. Should you fork out your cash for a dumbed down experience?


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  1. Jgr9 says:

    What if they upgraded the processor? I know that splitscreen play on Vita is not very usable from a performance standpoint, even overclocked, and I hear/assume that it’s pretty similar for the PSTV. If it’s identical hardware to the PSTV, then I don’t want either at this point. But if they upgraded the processor, and allowed 3-4 player with a USB hub, then it’s alright. (Though price and AC adapter sold separately is a bit annoying.) But I could also get higher-internal resolution on my PC if I’m not on the go.

  2. zfreeman says:

    a e s t h e t i c

  3. DvdXploitr says:

    I think the PS Classic is rather pointless. PS2 played PS1 discs. PS3 had downloadable PS1 games and played PS1 discs. PSP & PS Vita both offer PS1 classics for download. For what the PS Classic costs, You can get a used PS3

  4. DevilGearHill says:

    Pfff, I am laughing Sony in the face ever since they unveiled this thing… Like, seriously… I’ve got a PSP. I can make it play literally any PS1 game I want. Why should I care for PS Classic ? Idiots.

  5. C says:

    PS1 games running on PSTV on a HDTV generally look pretty poor, meanwhile I’m sure the PS1 Classic will have a nice, crisp image quality, hopefully at full 1080p. If the emulation is decent and it can be hacked to run games from the USB port, similar to what has been achieved with the SNES Classic ( this could even be a better solution than the PSTV, at least for PS1 games . It will be interesting to see what can be done with the Classic for sure.

  6. ACheapNoob says:

    *prints 3d ps1 case, puts vita tv in said case. Profit!!!

    • GottZ says:

      *prints 3d ps1 case, puts raspberry pi 3 b+ in said case. Profit!!!

      • deeman says:

        Is this a 1upmanship game?

        *prints 3d ps1 case, put in a raspberry pi 3 b+, add switches for functional panel buttons with appropriate code for functionality, move usb ports in place of memory card and controller ports. ???????, profit.

  7. heyho says:

    You dont need vita2sd or the original sd for the vitatv. It has an USB port wich you can use for a pen drive or hdd! Thats one of the biggest reason why pstv is confortable!

  8. heyho says:

    You dont need vita2sd or the original sd for the vitatv. It has an USB port wich you can use for a pen drive or hdd! Thats one of the biggest reason why pstv is confortable!

  9. Makak1984 says:

    I am not really hyped by this “mini” shitfest…

  10. Kevin says:

    The appeal of these classic systems is how they look and the controller.

  11. Luis says:

    RetroPie too!! It has N64 compatibility…..

  12. Heyho says:

    the vitatv. It has an USB port wich you can use for a pen drive or hdd! Thats one of the biggest reason why pstv is confortable!


  13. Bunny says:

    Shut Up And Take My Money!!!

  14. tempanon says:

    I’d kinda like the PS TV more if it didn’t have a significant enough amount of input lag for the controller. As is, it makes music games like DJ Max and Project Diva unplayable.

  15. Ganbaruby says:

    Is this the (S)NES Classic vs. RetroPie debate all over again?

  16. Luis Serrano says:

    Lets not forget RetroPie either now… 😉

  17. antiN says:

    you missing the point completely,
    ps1 classic definitely built for nostalgia suckers,
    almost every hardware has ps1 emu at this point,
    so if people really want to play some ps1 they can do it everywhere

  18. isaidathing says:

    PS1 on PSTV is ok but it has a smoothing bilinear filter that you cant turn off (even with adrenaline) which is fine for 3D games but makes 2D games look like the screen is covered in vaseline. If the PSClassic has an option to turn the filter off then I guess I’ll pick one up for convince and the hope it gets hacked.

  19. nebu_187 says:

    i had the pstv on 3.60 and sold it and with that money bought a second PSVita. the problem is i never played it. i never play on the snes mini but at least it looks great and that does it for the playstation classic for me i immediatly pre-ordered it

  20. lollypop says:

    maybe can bluestacks be ported to psvita tv ?.?

  21. Ben says:

    No thanks. PSTV input lag is ridiculous making it unusuable for composite/RF retro systems. Doesn’t even matter if the controller is wired or wireless.

  22. Daniel Tome says:

    I still get 1. even tho I have vita with sd2vita, pstv with hdd….. I bought nesc and snesc for the nostalgia factor. also I like showing my kiddos what me and their mom started out playing…..

  23. Alpmaster007 says:

    Why Nes online for switch hacked if you can just RetroNX to play NES?

  24. Alteration says:

    This article is a bit fallacious, yes buying the PSTV is likely a better choice and will probably stay the best choice BUT without having a PS Classic on hand to see the hardware you have no idea what development possibilities exist for the hardware.

  25. Heinz says:

    Maybe if you’re in the US you can get a PSTV for less but for the rest of the world, it’s a much less appealing proposition. Ever since it got discontinued it’s only been spiking in prices. For everyone else retail sites doing clearance sales was our only hope but now we’d have to pay up to 3X the price for one. I’ve been looking for months and the only decent priced ones are still in the US. This article lacks worldwide focus. If a cheap PSTV was easy to get nowadays of course I would’ve gotten one by now. RN the best proposition is wait and see what PS Classic has to offer in terms of ease of hacking and check if more pads can be plugged to it.

  26. Xiaggyro says:

    The fact that people buy these things is ridiculous to me. 100$ are you serious? It’ll probably have artificial scarcity like the Nintendo ones as well. These have 0 purpose, You want to play the old games? Get an emulator, There is much more options on customization and game choice than any of these ripoffs. You’re one of those white knights that can’t download roms, you want accuracy or too self defeating to take 5 minutes to learn how to use an emulator? Then buy the actual console, It’ll be 1:1 accurate, LESS expensive and you can play whatever game you want. You can even buy a flashcard, reproduction cart or modchip if you’re worried about the cost of some of those rare games
    I just have such a strong negative feeling towards these things. They serve zero purpose except for nerd culture idiots to jerk themselves off about. I don’t think I’d be nearly so disgusted by these if they retailed for 50-60$ AT MOST because my current setup of either just hooking up my PS1 and popping the disc in or using my CFW ps3,Vita or a PC emulator (With an adaptor that cost 5$ and converts ps2 and ps1 controllers to USB. Actually has Joystick support unlike this scam) sure works much better and costs much less. I suppose the culture of being a consumer and taking pride in that isn’t really about getting the best experience though
    Oh and the reduced size looks like ***.

  27. Lea says:

    On the pstv can you play vita games without the vita device?

  28. Whisper says:

    Agreed. Though if anyone want to “just” play classic games android tv box can be an alternative too. My ps tv flash disk is full from downloading vita games, while tv box can read 2tb external so i play old game on tv box instead. Buying another fd is a pain and i want to rest my ps tv sometimes, tv box is more multimedia too. Just a cheap one with ram 2gb is already enough for everything

  29. syhoh says:

    nobody who is planning to buy a ps1 classic actually cares about this tho. they’re buying it for the nostalgia, the aesthetic, as a collector’s item, etc. people buy PSTVs so they can hack them. it just feels like apples to oranges and I’m positive people in this community know it, they just want to *** over how cool we are with their modded PSTVs/Vitas.

  30. Alex says:

    Most people that buy mini consoles is due to nostalgia, to own an official product of their youth. Then you have the not so savvy people that just don’t like the hassle to hack something because they are afraid of bricking the device. Some other people just buy them as a collectors piece. I usually try to buy two of every game console i plan to own, one is to play online and the other to hack once that option becomes available. As for the mini consoles, i buy one to keep sealed and the other one to play/hack, you never know when you will need the money & that’s when that sealed one comes in play.

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