Sony jumps on the nostalgia gravy train with “PlayStation classic”


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32 Responses

  1. Sayid says:

    I hope that Mgs1 it’s included.

  2. GottZ says:

    “That last one’s very unlikely assuming Sony follow the trend set by *Nintendo,”

    i guess my retropie installation on my raspberry pi 3 is far superior.

  3. Aaron Carpenter says:

    Where the heck is the ps1 support for the ps4 you bast$#$s?! *** SONY

  4. solidsnake says:

    What I want is a Portable PS2. The Vita almost was one. I also want the N64 mini because the hdmi will make the games look great and not so blurry.
    I have already put in my preorder at best buy.

  5. Bunny says:

    When you start to think about what are the best PS1 games, you start to realize that the majority are great! Xenogears, Tomb Raider, MGS1, Suikoden 2, etc.

    • Phoenix says:

      Xenogears belongs to Square Enix or Namco, maybe even Electronic Arts. Metal Gear Solid belongs to Konami. Tomb Raider belongs to Eidos. Suikoden belongs to Konami again. I am pretty sure that the console will mostly be preloaded with games owned by Sony, actually I am surprised that Final Fantasy VII is included. Yes, the PS1 had a bunch of great games, but many of these were third-party-games.
      I am guessing we won’t see a Resident Evil or a Battle Arena Toshinden or any of the Star Wars games on it. Also for every really excellent game the PS1 had one that was quite bad.

  6. Charles Fasano says:

    I’d rather have PS1 support on PS4.

  7. antiN says:

    i blame nintendo for this ***..

  8. Mengozzi Thomas says:

    I’m hoping that atleast Gran Turismo or WIpEout 2097 makes the cut. PRAY

  9. Andras says:

    I’m not sure if this is an allowed comment, but I have mixed feelings about this “nostalgia” consoles. Sure, they’re really fun to play, brings back childhood, and feelings. On the other hand, when I look at it from the hardware and software perspective, I see the following things:
    -basically it’s a raspberry pie, running Linux and an emulator
    -the production cost of the system is very low, I think around maximum 30 USD.
    -only 20 games, because those are the only games which run smooth with the software emulation?

    I’m not sure, but from my side, I’d go ahead, and buy a modded PS1 than this. It’d play all the games not just 20, and would cost less than $100.

    • Bunny says:

      I am actually building my own raspberry pi portable, but I still pre-ordered the PS1 Mini because of the cool factor and the fact it is made by Sony.
      But your right, there is no functional or hardware related reason to spend money on this product. Its just cool that’s all.

    • geza says:

      better yet; just buy a ps2 slim preferably 700xx series. mod it and you can run ps1 and ps2 games plus nes, snes, probably sega emulators on full speed..add a few bucks fr a hdmi converter. openps2loader ftw. you can also mod it o run with a sata, then sata-sd adapter, full speed not ust usb1 speed.

  10. DCX67 says:

    Tekken 3 without rumble is not Tekken 3.

  11. Deco says:

    Wonder how long will it take Microsoft to consider making one of their own.

  12. UltimateX9 says:

    If you still smart why you buy this little ***, as a mentioned titles you can play it all in playstation tv either in playstation vita or emulated in cp. if sony release new titles in this console like vagrant story 2, legend of legaia 3, megaman x9, brave fencer musashi 3 etc. may be it become famous.

  13. If it supports the original PSone disks or at least gives us access to the PlayStation Store to download more PSone games, I might see some incentive to buy it, but Sony would be better off releasing a firmware update to allow PS1, PS2, and PS3 backwards compatibility on PS4. I’m sure they could program some emulator to run those old games?

  14. first for all says:


  15. Obito says:

    There’s a typo towards the end there. I’m sure you meant Nintendo.

  16. MadZiontist says:

    Yeah gonna have to get this. I think Crash Bandicoot 2 would be proper, for one thing. I’d personally like to see NBA Jam T.E. as well. The PS1 had so many great ones. I think MGS1 should be on it. We’ll see…

    • Phoenix says:

      Well, the chances for Crash Bandicoot are relatively low, those games aren’t owned by Sony. The chances for NBA Jam are even worse, because those games mostly apply to the US market and I doubt that Sony will produce a console for different regions. Also they aren’t owned by Sony and the two companies that owned them (Midway and Acclaim) both don’t exist anymore. I think EA owns the rights to these games at the moment, but I am not sure. So obtaining the licencing rights for this game could be a little tricky. I guess for MGS1 it all depends what Konami has planned for the game.
      My guess is that one of the games will be PaRappa the Rapper.

  17. olgariadon says:

    Sadly none of my cousins want PS1, they always asks for PS4 on family visits :(( Maybe I’m just too old..

  18. kaluas says:

    I will most definitely buy one, even if i use it only for paperweight.

    If we can hack it an load every game we have into it, even better.

  19. it'sthelittlethingsthatkill says:

    when they’re down is the best time to kick ’em, right?

  20. TheHWNJ says:

    “unlikely assuming Sony follow the trend set by Sony”???
    It should be
    “unlikely assuming Sony follow the trend set by Nintendo”

  21. yogs says:

    hi, I recommend the ps tv, it can do more than the ps1 mini. You can install more than 25 games ps1, the games you want, play four players, you save at any time in the game launch them with adrealine or retro arch. For me there is no hesitation is better to take the ps tv, especially you can mount an external hard drive or usb key on it. on the other hand you re-read when you write because a pstv has never had SD2 adapter vita.

    • kaluas says:

      Maybe the people who want to buy it don’t want to buy it only for playing ps1 titles. How about that possibility ?

  22. SSJVita says:

    Lets see, how about every ps1 game ever made?

  23. So will there be PS1 games or new games available?

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