Release: OrbisMan (beta) for PS4

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  1. ponxpunks says:

    its just like multiman nice job

  2. zx says:

    Nice one. Is that a Spoof FW that i just read on section 2? Does that mean we can use it to connect to psn online or play games greater than 5.05. Please elaborate.

    • My says:

      I’m pretty sure it only shows the spoofed fw. What I’m saying is it just shows it won’t let u online

  3. hhhh says:

    firmware spoofing? so we can spoof to 6.00 and go online?

  4. Rasscal says:

    I carnt wait to test, heard rumours that the FW spoof wasn’t working but not mentioned in known issues, hope this is fixed.

  5. DSpider says:

    The only two things I would like about a hacked PS4 is the ability to turn OFF the light bar and to be able to choose the volume when outputting to HDMI just like you can when you have headphones connected to the controller. But Sony can’t be bothered to add them. Here’s hoping this one will.

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  7. Rasscal says:

    “a spoof won’t allow the play of higher firmware games. the games would have to be decrypted by the app dumper. many games should be playable that way. I think it’s sorta like mai dumps for 3.68 working on 3.65. afaik, this is the same process, but with no kexploit… it would be pretty pointless to stay on lower firmware if this were the case, unless of course, someone is decrypting these games in the shadows. I think one of the fps games was used in this manner.

    spoofing may be a way to block accidental, update downloads. the option for it settings either doesn’t work and never has or was intended for something else. with the latter, I had heard something along those lines, that it doesn’t technically mean disabling system update installs but else could it mean? game update installs? regardless, neither seems to work correctly.”

  8. Raziel78 says:

    Is the spoofed to be able to add my psn account without updating the console?

  9. Zerophyr says:

    With spoofing, can we now finally play 5.55+ PS4 games without the need to update?

    • Simo says:

      I have the same question

    • Kai says:

      Nope different keys and differences in FW is what’s needed not a spoofer this should be taken as a way to stop updating the co some nothing more.

      There is no games part 5.05/5.07 That can be played unless someone dumps them and patches them.

      There is no online aspect from this either.

      • LinuxLuda says:

        you all must be slow if you believe any of theses comments *** i play newest games , apps online offline just as i do on my reg ps4 so dont make up bs when your info is invalid.

  10. lollypop says:

    great work
    keep Multi mega phazing them xD
    right after gentoo emerges i’ll be orbisman on my ps4
    bytheway if i can load a hdd with Linux installed
    can i then allso load a hdd with iso installed ?

  11. meysam25 says:

    i have installed this app , this app is not usefull know and it is not work properly

  12. th3sh4k4 says:

    Specific Example:
    Detroit – Become Human needs FW greater than 5.05
    Can FW Spoofing help with that issue?

  13. Dino says:

    If I have a RDR2 disc, but I’m on 5.05cfw will the spoofing work?