PS4 6.00 Firmware update


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41 Responses

  1. Joseph says:

    I’m stuck in FW 5.00 so no jailbreak or update for me anyway. 🙁

    • Met says:

      You could just update to 5.05.

      • Joseph says:

        It seems nobody remembers the issues that some of us have with our ps4 bluray drive, If it were posible to update to 5.05 for me, I would… and I almost forget… FIRST!

      • Joseph says:

        I can’t…my bluray drive is the problem

        • Mitsch says:

          Why is it a problem for you?

        • drd7of14 says:

          You can manually update to 5.05 or 5.07 via the USB file.

          You don’t need a Disc that has the firmware loaded on it or something (I’m not even aware of this being an option).

          • Joseph says:

            That was the last thing I tried and the more s t u p i d, I lost all my installed games, and without the option to reinstall them because the ps store won’t connect

          • np3228 says:

            sony doesnt allow firmwares to be installed on faulty consoles. in this case his disc drive is fkd up. a lot of people have this issue and sony does not seem to care. some people dont even own disc games, and cant even play online their digital ones because they cant update.

        • HYPERTiZ says:

          you could try and replace the drive flex ribbon cable

    • RyoX says:

      Get another bd rom for the same or just the board and swap chip from faulty board to new bought and hopefully should fix the issue.

      • Joseph says:

        it’s no sense to me keep spending money on the ps4, but thanks for the advice. When my ps vita stop functioning will be the end of sony consoles for me, it’s just because I still play on my vita that I keep track of wololo and it’s news, and I have to admit that I have a very little hope that through the scene my ps4 can revive, but today there’s nothing to do with it.

        • Alf says:

          if you may sell it on ebay, i can buy it for you. I have a cracked ps4 since my cousin dropped some heavy sht and i can use it to change the case. But that´s up to you.

  2. Aros says:

    Let the 5.55 jailbreak come!

  3. Joseph says:

    Update Error
    No fix at all. Tried.everything. Right now my ps4 is just for decoration.

    • Conoido says:

      That happened to me on the PS3, the console don’t let update if there is malfunction on the hardware, In your case the blu-ray drive, just take your PS4 to a computer repair store, and tell them about your blu-ray drive problem, they should be able to get you a new blu-ray drive and replace it on your console. I don,t know how much you would spend but it should be cheaper then buying a new console. And check if you still get warranty, In that case contact Sony and they should take carro oficial your problem for free, but be warned, if you send your ps4 to sony, they Will probably update your console to the latest update. And you don,t have to rely on the blu-ray for games, you can buy games digitaly.

      • Joseph says:

        My ps4 console is abandoned, I won’t give more money to sony, they ripped me off enough already. I switched to PC with steam and gog. I still use my ps4 controllers, but in pc you can buy very old games and use mods for online play where sony don’t care about its users. I’m still not very adapted to my new ecosystem but companies should show more respect for they customers, why I can’t reinstall in my ps4 all my digital games?? Just because it’s not in the firmware they want?? It’ enough for me.

    • zz says:

      what kind of ps4 is it? a fat system, isn’t it? I’m only asking because on slim and probably on CUH-12xx (c-chassis) the blu-ray drive is nothing else just a blu-ray diode and 3 stepper motors, thats all. So those have all their important chips on the motherboard – which means you can just plug in any other similar ps4 drive and off you go. If you – however – have those older fats CUH-10xx, 11xx then you probably cannot do it at all if something went wrong in the blu-ray drive as it has its own small pcb with controller chips.

    • why complain says:

      Why do you keep moaning about your PS4 on here when it’s clear you don’t even want to fix it. Few people here have giving you options to get it fixed but you are not interested in getting it fixed……so why are you complaining about it?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nobody who has been paying attention expected a PSN name change feature. Sony never said there would be one.

  5. balakaila says:

    “improves software performance” lol why can’t they be more open to consumer, like “This update contains new PSN protocol and encryption key”.

  6. saeed says:

    system performance
    not software performance

  7. Tony says:

    I’m not sure how much rep this guy has or even if it’s true but on Twitter @xHARDHeMPuS said “Release Exploit Kernel 5.55 coming soon” hopefully it’s legit and not just another load of bs

  8. amanda says:

    Man, it sucks to be on a lower firmware because you can’t play any of the newer games. Kiwami 2 and Spiderman probably force you to update, right?

  9. Pedro Vieira says:

    I bumped my desk and my ps4 barely moved. It’s very stable now after that new update!

  10. mohi says:

    hi guys. is it possible to jailbreak firmware 5.55??

  11. commonsense says:

    honestly doubt any of the drama queens will release anything, may as well update already

  12. StableasFck says:

    This is the new PS3 stability update 😀

  13. EarthHacker says:

    I’m working in firmware 6.00 🙂
    this firmware has a big bug !!!
    and soon , I Jailbreak it 🙂

    • HelpiUpdated says:

      please release a jailbreak for firmware 6.0 please my ps4 is on 6.0 🙁 would be great if you could let me know when you release it.

  14. botiy says:

    can we jailbreak 6.00

  15. HelpiUpdated says:

    please release a jailbreak for firmware 6.0 please my ps4 is on 6.0 🙁 would be great if you could let me know when you release it.