Baby steps for XBox One reverse engineering (running win32 applications)

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  1. Me says:

    Finally some good news.

  2. NmX says:

    Finally some good news.

  3. Cabro says:

    I Miss a lot xbox mods, good times 🙁

  4. asoendi says:

    Xbox One contains a win32 subsystem ? I guess UWP is not powerful enough for a console.

    • thisguy says:

      xbox one OS is based on windows 10 ya dingbat, of course it does. Windows 10 doesn’t just run UWP. “Power” doesn’t enter the equation.

      • themythlegend says:

        not all “win10 devices” have win32, otherwise you can run Windows 95 apps on xbox & win10 phones.

  5. hsp says:

    yes i miss xbox scene too, rgh was cool.

    Many hackers have claimed its a very secure console, so definitely its a challenging platform for developers. Rather than say oh nobody cares, its an xbox, why not take it as a challenge.

  6. Tha_Dhet says:

    Finally some good news.

  7. MockingJay says:

    Finally some good news.

  8. lollypop says:

    hmm … something like
    npm install -g node-jslinux
    npm install -g typed-array-stuff-ported-working
    npm install
    more on its npm page
    lol xbox linux

  9. Finally some good news. says:

    Finally some good news.

  10. pirate pc instead says:

    meh. easier option, just pirate the xbox games on pc