Nintendo Switch leaked 6.0 firmware: here’s what hackers found so far


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14 Responses

  1. Alby says:

    We are talking about the same SciresM that has been working on Atmosphere vaporware since Feb and the same TX that fixed the 6.0 issue the next day??

    • Binbo says:

      they probably didn’t fix it properly, sciresm is not getting paid for any of this

      yes, they definitely work faster though

      • AveSatanas says:

        They did not fix it properly. It has bugs, see sciresm’s twitter.

        Atmosphere had support for it earlier btw. SciresM gave away patches enough to get Atmosphere working shortly after it was leaked.

        The patches in SXOS v1.7 and v1.8 were stolen from ReiNX, which I helped test.

        I only slept for like 5 hours in the last 72 hours just working on this stuff.

    • Alby is a dimwit says:

      Your the same alby that thinks TX are so great? … the same alby that pays for hacks?

      yea crawl back to your hole ***.

      • MiddleFinger says:

        at least TX actually released something, even if it is at a cost. unlike some vaporware bragger whose work doesn’t benefit anyone.

        • GoblinGuy says:

          Lol, what are you on about?
          SXOS uses atmosphere as a backbone, and last time I checked SciresM and company were responsible for that. So not only does it benefit the community, it benefits TX shills like yourself.

    • demol says:

      are you aware that tx is basically entirely stolen sciresm code since its avalaible as opensource ? The only thing atmosphere isnt right now is compiled as a ready to use os, and you are basically paying tx for that since it IS atmosphere, just stolen.

      plus there are plenty of other people doing it for free

  2. MightyMask says:

    Yes TX fixed that one-line-code that SciresM suggested for them to steal from his code. I mean they steal every *** new fix from the atmosphere fork, every new program that is released for additional functionality etc. but then they don’t even copy the right code that already fixes 6.0? Hilarious^^

    Don’t get me wrong, otherwise they are doing a good job at fixing things quick and dirty and uniting single community based programs in their product. Hassle-free and definitely a good thing for lazy people… but please they could add an additional line to their Updates stating that they used content not created by them but available as open source (GNU GPL license) and give credit where credit is due. I guess pirates don’t even stop at pirating other pirates, hrr hrr.

  3. rffdsx says:

    You missed an important update. It included traces of SNES/NES controllers on a system palette image possibly acknowledging a virtual console type feature.

  4. zero says:

    old news wololo

  5. JustAnotherOne says:

    man, i need to hack my Switch, 3DS, and VITA.

  6. benefitz-gaymz says:

    i just hacked my original NES to play PS5 and XBoxTwo gaymz. i gotz all da benefitz man! all dem benefitz!

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