HENkaku Ensō 1.1 released – A very important update which fixes a bricking bug when uninstalling it in a specific way!


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  1. Chris Doffel says:

    So I should just install Enso.vpk and that’s all to be safe? I already have 3.65 Enso installed.

    • Maskmark says:

      according to theflow, 3.65 h-encore’s author,3.65 hencore should use theflow’s enso installer v1.1 instead of yifanlu’s. and according to yifanlu, his ensõ installer is only for 360. so there are 2 enso installer got updated and Aurora just got confused.

      • Aurora says:

        The article has been updated to include TheFlow’s version of the installer for FW 3.65. It must noted that TheFlow released his version for 3.65 an hour after this article was published. Furthermore, I didn’t see anything saying that it didn’t work on FW 3.65 until TheFlow released his own update.

        I only have one PSVita and that’s running FW 3.60.

        P.S: I didn’t get confused contrary to what you’re trying to suggest.

        • ElRubius_OMG says:

          Aurora, i have installed on my PSTV 3.65 H-ENCORE and ENSO for 3.65 from THEFLOW, the question are, ¿i must download the new ENSO V.1.1 from THEFLOW, and install that new version and execute whitout unnistall the previous ENSO 3.65?
          I dont want brick my PSTV!!
          Thank you.

        • maskmark says:

          even before both v1.1 was released,3.60 enso and 3.65 enso are two projects. the payloads were different,which was mentioned on enso.henkaku.xyz.as you said,v1.1 were just safer uninstallers.they are different before the new installer/uninstaller got released.

  2. Michael says:

    I didn’t understand these 2 comments, they seem to contradict each other?

    >>1. you should not reinstall HENkaku Ensō through it if it’s already installed!
    >>2. it’s recommended you update your Ensō installer as soon as possible.

    Could you please explain the safest proccess to update HENkaku Enso if it’s already installed?

    • Ralfy172 says:

      I understand you can update the vpk, just not run the enso installation again.

    • TehCupcakes says:

      Do not reinstall Enso – Enso itself was not technically updated. Only download and install the Enso Installer itself.

      • Freaka says:

        I understand you do not need to reinstall, but after 1.1 enso there is no problem if you do, right? Wololo seems confused about this.

        • Ethan Weegee says:

          There is no problem, it’s just redundant. No point to; nothing changed outside of the installer itself.

  3. The big dick says:

    Just installed this in my 2 vitas and its fine!

  4. Renato says:

    Please, I need help. I tried to update Enso with the new installer and I get: “Your HENkaku version is too old! Please install R10 from http://henkaky.xyz./go/ (not the offline installer)” However, I updated the console to 3.65 with Enso updater and the Henkaku website does not allow me to update henkaku to r10 on 3.65. How can I update Henkaku to r10 then?

    • Miles Calloway says:

      nononon this is the 3.60 enso installer. When the 3.65 version was made it reportedly had this patched already.

    • Santa's little helper says:

      I had the same issue. Problem is that 3.60 people are writing like 3.65 is the same thing. This is what worked for me.
      Use Qcma then get auto h-encore.exe and install h-encore. That will help update (or whatever) HENkaku. When the h-encore bubble is on your system go into it and install. Then install the Enso 1.1.vpk for 3.65. When the enso 1.1 bubble is on your system you will then be able to use that installer. Then you will be able to install the newer 1.1.
      Also, make sure if you already have the Enso bubble before doing this delete it. Just start fresh with the Enso bubble. Take your time and use youtube for better step by steps on how to get h-encore on your system by the method I’ve written. Anyway, That is for those of us on 3.65 and h-encore has never touched our systems.
      I hope this helped.

    • Michał Łukasik says:

      Use the H-encore?

      • Santa's little helper says:

        Yeah, when I got that error telling me Henkaku was to old and to go to the HENkaku site to update. I did. Then I got an error from the site. So, I thought I will just see if putting h-encore on the vita would work. I did and I was able to install enso 1.1.
        I’m guessing h-encore over wrote something in the HENkaku I already had to make the 1.1 install work.

  5. Jack says:

    3.18 forever.

  6. Maskmark says:

    360 enso and 365 enso use different installer vpks. use yifanlu’s enso 1.1 for360 and theflow’s enso 1.1 for 365. it’s important and hasn’t been mentioned in this article.

  7. Reynkz says:


    • Ralfy172 says:

      If I went from 3.60 henkaku to 3.65 henkaku enso, then I should install the vpk from Yifantlu?

      • Maskmark says:

        you should uninstall ensõ with yifanlu ‘s v1.1,update to 365 ofw ,install hencore,and then install enso with theflow’s enso installer v1.1.that’s all.

  8. Ilegend says:

    What the fack

  9. Amnos says:

    Why is everybody pumped on upgrading?

    Am I missing any recent significant PS Vita game releases?

    • Donopatay says:

      That and probably because you could actually play online using the PSN network on the newer firmwares.

  10. AMTF says:

    Can I confirm, the next step is to install the updated installer, but not use it?

  11. acromioclavicular says:

    DIdnt install Enso yet caus i was sticking with the question: If Enso irreversibly modify system files?

  12. digimon04 says:

    Does “resetting to factory default in setting” constitutes “reinstalling a firmware PUP file”?

  13. Aline Piru says:

    I’m one of the users who bricked with the following procedure:
    My Vita still is bricked right? This fix is only for future users I think. I should have waited 2 weeks more, I bricked mine 16/08/2018.

  14. Aline Piru says:

    #Sad, mine was a Dragon Quest Builders Metal Slime special edition. Now there is no use. No recovery mode, nothing…

    I can’t ask for someone to pick a new motherboard and fix it because Vita Slim motherboards are very rare and I don’t know anyone with skills to assemble all parts…

  15. WaitingKy says:

    users on 3.65 use another enso. so you should install this: https://github.com/TheOfficialFloW/enso/releases/tag/v1.1 from theflow

  16. Midori says:

    How can I uninstall enso on 3.65 to do this?

  17. Santa's little helper says:

    wow, my advice on how to update 3.65E with enso 1.1 in a reply chain gets deleted with no message on what was wrong with the advice? The R10 error happened to me and I found a way to fix it. I shared how I fixed it to help out. Where and what rules did I break to get my replies deleted Aurora?

  18. captain says:

    my molecule enso will not reinstall after uninstalling it and formatting my system.