TheFlow releases PSP dual analogue stick patches for Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid and Prince of Persia for free: Greatly enhance these games on your PSVita now!


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  1. Donopatay says:

    Great timing! I recently just started Rival Swords and oh boy the camera controls are atrocious in this one.

  2. Dmaskell92 says:

    I planned to write a review on kingdom hearts specifically, but my back has been injured since the 16th of last month. I’m dealing with severe sciatica agony in my leg and I find it excruciating to sit in my office chair.

    Great work as usual 🙂

  3. G-dog says:

    Please please ty Aurora but put some links like mediafire or 4shared to the plugins, you know I can’t download from github via psvita’s browser. I hate it when I have to fire up my pc just for a plugin…

  4. lollypop says:

    what about …
    TheFlow releases ps3 ps4 pspemu adrenalines tickets

  5. Panda says:

    Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Remastered*

  6. scissors610 says:

    Is there anything like this available for Portable Ops?

    • shortboy says:

      Portable Ops is easily more playable just by using Vitas own integrated right anaglog remapping by changing it to the D-Pad controls.

  7. ddd says:

    I tried this for KH and the camera is inverted. Any fix?

  8. Bryan123 says:

    (Silent Hill Shattered Memories y Silent Hill Origins)

    Por favor!

  9. NakedFaerie says:

    Thats the stupidity of $ony. They have a console that I believe is better than the Switch and they let it die and keep sc*** with the hackers keeping it alive.
    IF $ony were smart they would push the Vita as the Switch killer years before its time. It came out many years ago and its got more features than the Switch. It does more than the switch, it plays better games than the switch. It can play any PS4 game via Remote Play. The Switch cant play God Of War but the Vita can. The Switch wont have the new Spiderman game but the Vita will.

    And now these dual analog stick patches…. Thats something $ony should’ve grabbed on to and done something about. Look at Micro$oft adding graphics and little enhancements to its backwards compatible games. I’ve played the Xbox version of Black on the XboxOneX and it looks and plays really good. I think it looks better than what I remember Black looking like.
    If M$ can do things like that then $ony should be able to add dual analog stick patches to PSP games for the Vita.

    There is so much potential in the Vita that it was the worst, stupidest thing ever for $ony to end its life. All they had to do is drop the prices of the memory sticks, advertise it as a portable PS4 and they would’ve kept the Switch killer going.

    Oh, and why on earth would they make the Vita2000? It looks pathetic. Its got worse buttons, a worse screen, and just looks so cheap. Thats why I got 3 original Vitas, they work and look great. (2 OFW, 1 CFW)

    THEIR loss. Same as CrossPlay/Save support. $ony’s loss as people go to the friendly consoles, the Xbox and Switch to play their games as its got cross platform play/save support. I can play on my Xbox and link with someone playing the Switch.
    Thats just stupid again on $ony’s thinking. Why alienate gamers? They will do what they want and leave the stupid behind. Thats whats happening now. $ony are making people go get a Switch and Xbox so they can link with their friends who have those consoles and leaving the PS4 alone as that doesn’t link. As I said THEIR LOSS.

  10. Dwi says:

    Would thefl0w make analog patch for CoD Roads to Voctory too?