A look at PSVita wishlists after HENkaku’s 2nd year anniversary – Part I


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28 Responses

  1. sami says:

    i want to see an android or ios emulator to play mobile games on vita like hearthstone and etc.
    there is no epub reader on vita, it is a must have app due to vitas large lcd.
    and there is a way to port amazing ps2 games like shadow of colosus ,gta san andreas, devil may cry,black ,onimusha, resident evil 4, okami, ico, bully,…on vita

  2. EFREN Garrovillas sto domingo says:


  3. z2 says:

    First of the east quasar

  4. may says:

    totally 😀

  5. Juniorpsvita says:

    PFBA no sfiii3 strike archives zip 10,20,30 etc .Now archives zip simm.1.0 , simm.2.0 yes
    Psp FBA play zip archive 10,20,30
    Cpajustes help
    Sfiii 3 strike boss hack no simm.1.0 ,simm.2.0
    Sfiii 3 strike boss hack yes 10,20,30
    Sorry my inglish.

  6. wonderful work by the scene. kudos!

  7. Wetalo says:

    The N64 emulator is still #1 on my wishlist, followed by Jedi Outcast Ave Academy!

  8. Caius says:

    A Dreamcast emulator would be a dream come true!

  9. matiascel says:

    Maybe this would be the ideal time to hold a new psvita homebrew contest, which along with TheFlow’s new hack would surely revitalize the scene, incidentally promoting new creations or improving many of the already existing ones.
    For me N#1 on wishlist are the much desired N64 emulator and a good native port of DOSbox with a proper interface for the vita. Also would like ports of other windows/DOS games and open source tools, a better web browser and better native emulators etc etc … maybe we can collectively fund the contest so that there are prizes in different categories.
    I think the work of TheFlow has been something like an extra life for our psvitas … with this new hack and the abandonment by Sony perhaps the last but one that reopens the roads for the community. What do you think ??

  10. Perplexed says:

    If Kodi isn’t happening can we get Plex?

  11. Jack Attack says:

    My wishlist for Vita all moved to the Switch. The Vita, when it came out, was ahead of cheap phones and gave top tier phones a run for their money in display and games. Now…none of that stands true. Still has decent controls but that’s about it.

    For portable gaming I’d rather have the Switch Be All and End All for now. Much more powerful, much easier chipset to deal with, nice display, good controls with great expandibility… Yep. Switch scene is where it’s at now for portable.

    I’d rather have a Vita emulator for phones at this point, really. I still have a special place in my jaded heart for the Vita, particularly for being the best portable for PS1, PSP and Vita games, but its homebrew scene is pretty much dead for any hopes and dreams.

  12. Jonny says:

    No OpenMW for Vita is the definition of suffering.

  13. Anon says:

    Goodness, that was certainly a long-winded post about nothing.

    Oh and the vita homebrew scene is definitely not dead. You may want to have a look.

  14. Ell Enn says:

    what we need is a equivalent to Remotejoy. USB transfer to a big screen without picture loss and without lag and without the need for wireless streaming. Combined with a Joypad this would really rock and bring the function of the PSTV to the regular Vita.

  15. annson24 says:

    The title should be “2nd Anniversary” only, “2nd year anniversary” is redundant.

  16. NeonLightning says:

    still waiting on a good vita gba emulator

  17. Svennd says:

    What we need is another competition, plenty of devs around, allot of new hackable vitas. It’s the perfect time for a last injection of life through homebrew!

  18. Bruno Jenso says:

    Honestly I just want work done to make near perfect native SNES (inc. Super FX 1 and 2 games) and GBA retroarch cores. There is a lot of work there. N64 comes after those base systems. Without reliable GBA and SNES emulation the PS Vita doesn’t quite earn its place as a valid retro handheld. With it it becomes the best option.

  19. Johnny says:

    Can’t believe you marked Dosbox in GREEN. I mean come on, it has been defiled by the filth of Retroarch. I know there are people who hate Retroarch a bit less than me, clearly we who know better must bestow much pity upon these fools! Anyway standalone + keyboard support is what the world needs. Performance wise there is some hope as Frangar has recently begun work on bringing some ARM optimisations to the core. Now if only somebody would free DB from the shackles of libretro/retroarch and implement a working keyboard and mouse/joystick button I would donate no less than 50 EU to the cause. Like, for real. BTW your comment section mostly does not work.

  20. jairo says:

    A decent gba/snes/n64 emulator

  21. Dante4 says:

    Well.. It’s not like Vita Media Center any better than normal video player, since ArkSource abandoned everything


    • Dante4 says:

      So, we basically don’t have any alternative to XMBC\KODI, except normal video player

  22. Hard Work says:

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