Custom Warning released – Customise the Epilepsy Warning screen to your liking!


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :) Contact me via DM at @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles or if you have any article requests.

25 Responses

  1. Disco says:

    .ed”””” “””$$$$be.
    -” ^””**$$$e.
    .” ‘$$$c
    / “4$$b
    d 3 $$$$
    $ * .$$$$$$
    .$ ^c $$$$$e$$$$$$$$.
    d$L 4. 4$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b
    $$$$b ^ceeeee. 4$$ECL.F*$$$$$$$
    e$””=. $$$$P d$$$$F $ $$$$$$$$$- $$$$$$
    z$$b. ^c 3$$$F “$$$$b $”$$$$$$$ $$$$*” .=””$c
    4$$$$L \ $$P” “$$b .$ $$$$$…e$$ .= e$$$.
    ^*$$$$$c %.. *c .. $$ 3$$$$$$$$$$eF zP d$$$$$
    “**$$$ec “\ %ce”” $$$ $$$$$$$$$$* .r” =$$$$P””
    “*$b. “c *$e. *** d$$$$$”L$$ .d” e$$***”
    ^*$$c ^$c $$$ 4J$$$$$% $$$ .e*”.eeP”
    “$$$$$$”‘$=e….$*$$**$cz$$” “..d$*”
    “*$$$ *=%4.$ L L$ P3$$$F $$$P”
    “$ “%*ebJLzb$e$$$$$b $P”
    %.. 4$$$$$$$$$$ ”
    $$$e z$$$$$$$$$$%
    “*$c “$$$$$$$P”
    .-” .$***$$$”””*e.
    .-” .e$” “*$c ^*b.
    .=*”””” .e$*” “*bc “*$e..
    .$” .z*” ^*$e. “*****e.
    $$ee$c .d” “*$. 3.
    ^*$E”)$..$” * .ee==d%
    $.d$$$* * J$$$e*
    “”””” “$$$” Gilo95’

  2. Disco says:

    LOL, it didn’t copy very well…Let’s try another one:

    .- -. .-====-. ,——-. .-==-.
    /_-\”’/-_\ / / ” \ \ |,—–.| /__—-__\
    |/ o) (o \| | | ‘)(‘ | | /,’—–‘.\ |/ (‘)(‘) \|
    \ ._. / \ \ / / {_/(‘) (‘)\_} \ __ /
    ,>-_,,,_-‘=jf='< `. _ .' ,'–__–'.
    / . \ / \ /'-___-'\ / 😐 \
    (_) . (_) / \ / \ (_) 😐 (_)
    \_—–'____–/ (_) (_) (_)_______(_) |___:|____|
    \___________/ |________| \_______/ |_________|

  3. Disco says:

    Antoher fail…:D

  4. infinitephantasm says:

    gamers rise up

  5. lollypop says:

    the five pro-gamers turn five keys
    now the boot rootkit game userland saga if off again o0

  6. lollypop says:

    meh bootable games Gilo95

  7. Hjm545 says:

    Seemed like a psychological game theflow is playing, ever since he started patreon, he keeps releasing these not so important plugins, in a bid to gain more audiences to support him with patreon, as if “oh! Support me and I will release more stuff” not so useful stuff

    • Creatura says:

      what else do you want him to do? the guy released the hacks for your vita to play any game for free and he made it free and you’re complaining that he didn’t do better?

    • pez2k says:

      Other way around I suspect – he’s opened a Patreon, and people are paying him a few quid to commission little things like this.

    • j says:

      Entitled ***! Without his work, we would have almost nothing. He’s basically 90% of the vita community at this point. He deserves get some recognition after all he did for free.

  8. Kareon says:

    I like it and it is useful to me. Besides w/o him Vita would have been long dead so have a little respect.

  9. WolfRamiO says:

    can be just removed to speed up boot process?

  10. DontShootUp says:

    “Useful” or not, it’s one more thing we can do to customize our Vitas. I’m about it.

  11. jackjason says:

    Don’t work for me. Still shows the original warning. hexedit shows the ff fe. plugin and txt are in ur0/tai/ and the plugin is listed in the config in the main section.
    tried everything… renamed the plugin from custom_warning_v2.suprx to custom_warning.suprx, custom warning.suprx, moved the files to ux0… nothing.

    Sadly…. Great Idea, and im so happy that the community is still alive.
    Thanks to T_N

    • Ch3ck3r says:

      Do you use the .txt file from Reddit? And which FW do your Vita have?
      I have 3.65 with v2 of the plugin and the .txt from the Reddit link and it works perfectly fine.

      • jackjason says:

        Hey, yes I used the file from reddit, and I habe the vita 1000 with 3.60 henkaku enso 10

  12. Daipop says:

    Winners don’t use drugs!

  13. SomeoneWhoMakeRandomJokes says:

    Just put “Nintendo” and show it to a friend and see how he reacts…..

  14. Hennessy Slick says:

    Aurora; do you have a source for the windows ASCII that you posted?

  15. Tesla says:

    Why not removing it completely and save some boot time with this unnecessary and useless message?.

  16. goat says:

    I want the ascii gotse pic

  17. p4rma says:

    I can’t get this to work :'(
    I’ve edited both the ux0 and ur0 tai config files and placed the plugin in the ur0:tai/ folder.

  18. Xyrem says:

    I’d love this to work with a png file