Nintendo sues owner of LoveROMs and LoveRetro – LoveROMs no longer has ROMs for Nintendo consoles and LoveRetro has been shut down!


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  1. hey you says:

    i dont get why nintendo does that. They have no economic damage. Its more like an addverb to try the new games if you like the old ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Jack Attack says:

      The guy was making money on it. That’s why.

      • Jacob says:

        even if the guy was making money off of nintendo games, the consoles and the games they produced were discontinued from stores so, even if he was making money, they were from donations, because nothing on loveroms was paid, it was all free

  2. Matthew B says:

    Seems like a “show of force” move made by Nintendo after having their latest console hacked.

  3. cavin says:

    damn, big N really whipes in the wrong way…

  4. Reynkz says:

    Suing the man for $100 Million dollars seems harsh but so is piracy. Everyone pirated Nintendo games and no one bought anything; Nintendo wouldn’t be around anymore. Although, Nintendo should up their security in hardware and software better, so it would be more difficult to pirated stuff; even tho we always find a way to pirated.

  5. Dmaskell92 says:

    150k per hosted game? Nintendo is on crack.

  6. Lollypop says:

    First Nintendo sued loveroms …

  7. akari says:

    Nintendo legal team is on the verge of layoffs so they had to do something quick to impress the ceo, lol

  8. Poland BOY says:

    you are foolish thinking that I will buy old games, I will pirate them and that’s it

  9. GetAClue says:

    A gleaming example of why copyright law needs to be rewritten for modern era. 75 friggen years? Absolutely stupid.

    If you can make whatever money you’re going to make off your product in 20 years? You should maybe consider a business change to something more suited to your skills. Like… a lemonade stand perhaps.

    IP rights should not lapse of course, but this garbage of suing people for downloading 20, 25, 30+ year old rom images, is beyond stupid.

  10. DSpider says:

    What a bunch of a-holes… From now on, I’m only pirating NINTENDO games!

    It’s the Streisand effect. The more they try to prevent it, the more it will happen.

  11. Duke says:

    emupa****se is still alive and kicking.

    go figure

    • ZeroFX says:

      Yep, ^.^ piracy, which aurora uses behind the scene (and then tr4sh talk about it on the site), its like a fenix, will never end.

      Also, 4ur0r4 = th3_z311

    • Destouches says:

      Their hammer already fell, you can’t find any mario game on EmuP.
      They are drying out the biggest piracy pools, their move makes sense, even if the internet make their battle already lost.

      The debattable copyright laws could win over the internet ‘leaks’ only if repression can be operated by individuals, like good ol’ anonymous letters our grand parents witnessed. The net non-neutrality is already one step toward this wonderful direction.

    • josh says:


  12. 909090 says:

    friggin N with their shtty mario games and cheap consoles

  13. Brian E says:

    A company that sues over old junk is just gonna get they’re self’s way less popular and eventually no one will buy they’re junk anymore and they go out of business.
    Nintendo needs to let go of all they’re retro stuff and work on only the new things of now. They are just ruining they’re reputation by suing over the old stuff.

  14. Duhjoker says:

    Why dont console makers tke charge of the retro-gaming scene?

    Why not add game packs to the various stores that can bought digitally.

    Its sad that a console maker would not support thier own games. Think of future generations.

  15. TRUTH00 says:

    Honestly Nintendo is loosing the race in the gaming community, so what they are doing is stoping old games being downloaded free so they can resale or revamp then resale why do you think they starting selling retro games

  16. Dragwar says:

    it may be Nintendo’s panic preemptive strike to prevent switch’s piracy. They know their consoles are hacked and they know these site host consoles ROMs, and they would likely host switch’s ROMs when they have them.

  17. ReKira says:

    In all honesty, they’re probably doing this to encourage developer to keep releasing games on Switch (and also releasing them on the west).

  18. TiCoKH says:

    F**ck Nintendo, I will never buy nintendo software anymore like I did when EA shut the uderdog-gamers. LoveROMS was full with rare FMTowns and NEC PC roms, and after underdogs and now LoveROMS, I need to find another site where I can get these.

  19. Tesla says:

    Forget about PC games. How can I get old console games now a days?. The game cartridges catalog is not fully available, not every item is on sale and in proper conditions.

    Not justifying piracy, but if Nintendo (or any other company) doesn’t offer an alternative by not forcing us to rebuy our already bought games, then we have no other choice.

  20. Shawna riggs says:

    So I can’t play games or down load any I like that sad take fun out everyone what wrong get old games play I really sad n mad at same time

  21. joe says:

    Lol, who said emulation isn’t piracy?

  22. Crisrian says:

    Hi everyone, here in Italy in this year, because of Nintendo’s pursuit for copyrighted material, several sites are not avaible without changing dns. I think it’s correct but as said in the article there’s always a way to get the material: other sites or users who already downloaded games that reuploadad them (and in famous hosting sites..) And for now they don’t look in forums 😉 In 2017 nintendo stopped an italian reseller of r4 and similar because 3ds piracy. Other 6 are still alive..Make sentences in tribunals is a big cost and they can pursuit a single case at once to assure them a money return. As always: there are no REAL laws end punishment for who download pirated games. How is in another part of the world? I’m curious.

  23. Haziq says:

    took 1 (or 2 in this case) down, 10 more will appear, you can’t stop us nintendogs

  24. Joshua says:

    THE END OF THE WORLD IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Nintendo can’t legally take the whole site down because the site has more than just Nintendo Roms on there. Sure, they’re roms from other consoles, and companies, but that’s for those individual companies to deal with Love Roms. Those other non Nintendo files aren’t any of Nintendo’s business, and they can’t do anything about that. All Nintendo can legally do is take down the files that violate Nintendo’s rights, but to shut down the entire site is a violation of Love Rom’s rights because that’s taking down other files that aren’t any of Nintendo’s business, or jurisdiction. It’s even worse if the site had files that were legal to distribute, because then Nintendo would be making files that are legal to distribute unavailable to the public which would be against the law, and a violation of the site’s rights to retain access to those legal files, and to keep them maintained, and available to us to download and it’s against our rights to have free, and open access to those legal files, if Love Roms has any to offer.

  26. Zephyr says:

    First they shut down Pixelmon, then made that new pixelated pokemon game. That was infuriating enough… BUT NOW THIS?? Nintendo even treated Waluigi like some kind of ragdoll (Check their April Fools tweet)

    • amm they do that becuz they were making money out of it nintendo doesnt shut some game or site if they arent making money out of it or losing money out of it like pixelmon and pokemon brick bronze and other ones were making money out of them so nintendo sued them for using the name pokemon to make money and here loveroms makes nintendo loses money .

  27. Formedras says:

    Uhh… Nintendo? Maybe you should go after the people making and selling counterfeit NES Classics instead? There’s more money there, AND they’re passing those boxes off as if you approve of it. They’re even selling them right in the middle of malls in the United States, right out in the open. (Not even gonna say how prevalent they are in the Philippines and other 2nd/3rd-world countries.) At least ROM sites have the decency to not imply that you approve of their work.

  28. josh says:

    I hate what nintendo did and I am glad that I have pirated games
    c’mon nintendo just try to stop me.

  29. Kourtney Lytle says:

    Does this affect those who buy digital games on game systems? i do that with xbox live,playstation network and with both Nintendo’s 3DS and Switch

  30. SDM Mapping Gaming says:

    Rip LoveRoms, it was the only place i trusted. Now where am i suppoae to get ROMs? First Emupraidise and now LoveRoms (& LoveRetro)

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