PS4 hack: extended storage (USB HDD) support for fpkg (Homebrews and backups) on 5.05


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20 Responses

    • spok says:

      mayb if FTP will work – for now u still must install from USB so swappin to 2+TB is a way to go…

  1. Kingknuts says:

    Didnt know that seagate was still selling 4GB Hard Disks…

  2. FFTW says:

    Hopefully this feature gets added to Mira+hen soon :/

  3. Aytug25 says:

    App2usb and ps4 external format hdd are working fine together, I just installed a few games both and connected both so far they are working without any problem, probably app2usb needs to take off other hdd when moving games, and if you don’t connect app2usb hdd, you can’t move a game from internal hdd to ps4 format external hdd

  4. DT says:

    Wish we could play games past 5.05 like 5.50 required Detroit become human *tear*

  5. lollypop says:

    is there comming a mira cfw option to communicate a hacked ps4 with a hacked psvita ?

  6. Haziq says:

    app2usb its not that hard and very simple to use
    installed your game as usual then run app2usb payload, it will do everything for you and do not delete the fpkg file that you put on the root of usb stick in order to save time..

  7. Smq says:

    How about stability? Is Hen 1.7 more stable then 1.6? On 1.6 I have some resets :/
    On alazif twitter is screen with autoload. How it works? It will load payload after boot of cobsole or what?

  8. Ronn says:

    I have installed the games the lady 4 weeks on my extended western digital 4TB.
    And also played from extended HD….

    Since Friday last week I became also the error
    Don’t can play and install on extended….

    Have reset the ps4 complete….

    DNS from al-azif……

    Now I installed game on extended WD 4TB

    And play at the moment from extended HD…

    Don’t understand why is going?
    Don’t understand why comes the error code the last 5 days

    Ps4pro 1Tb. Orig FW 4.73 updated on 5.05

    • Ronn says:

      Sorry origin FW was 4.82.

    • Ronn says:

      Now.. I have directly install a lot of Games on extended HD (not App2UsB…. Normal package install)… All games can play from extended.
      Also I have change Games from internal HD to extended…. Also can play from extender Disc….

      Yesterday nothing work……

    • Kukuruzka44 says:

      Don’t can engrish understand your

  9. stepenlu07 says:

    if i use the extended storage can i also move the game to another hack ps4 5.05 and play the game as well?

  10. stepenlu07 says:

    i have two ps4 i want to know if when i move my games to extended storage can i still plug and play the extended storage to my other hack ps4 5.05 and play the game?