h-encore, TheFlow’s PSVita/PSTV hack for FW 3.65-3.68, released! : The wait is finally over


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  1. mecksg1 says:

    ok so im 3.60 hacked, should i upgrade or stay here, i want to be able to get sme games on the psn store to my vita

  2. Xavieryay says:

    Qcma doesn’t detect my vita can someone help me ?

  3. Brandon Stewart says:

    lucky me my pstv is still on FW 3.65 due to me neglecting it for months lolXD

  4. Xplay says:

    If you want an easier process take a look at this site:

    has a tutorial on youtube (portugues – brazil)

    it works perfectly!!!

  5. TheOfflineDude says:

    Now we need an offline alternative to:
    A PC application for it will be nice as some people does not have permanent internet…

    • StepS says:

      That would require either using your PC for raw calculations (takes about 2 days to brute-force a key on a modern CPU I think) or the database of keys pre-generated by molecule. I think they’re intentionally keeping it on the website.

  6. anaeil says:

    hey guys
    im not linked to psn … what can i do?

  7. Sarge says:

    How safe is it to install this hack on a machine that I also use for legit purchases? Do I need to forever avoid going online, or just make sure I haven’t run the hack when I hit the PlayStation Store? I’ve got a V2 Vita running 3.68.

    • Dante0069 says:

      I have a second Vita for my regular account that I use. I don’t want to risk a ban on my main one since I spent a *** load of money on legit game purchases since 2007. So I wouldn’t risk your main acct if you put a lot of money into it.

      • Sarge says:

        Okay, that’s what I figured. I’ll keep it off, then. I may start poking around for a cheap Vita when I get a chance. For now, the PSTV will have to do on the hacking side.

  8. PierceAiden101 says:

    Just successfully upgraded my 6 years old 3g vita right now. I was stuck at 3.63 back in the day. Is there any way to supress the mobile network validation c4-3575-0? It’s a little bit annoying.

  9. The dreamer says:

    I am on 3.65 version when i use qcma
    Can’t connect and need update the system or sign in psn because I’ve already sign out form my account
    Any advice?

  10. The dreamer says:

    When i use qcma on 3.65 version
    Can’t connect and need update the system or sign in psn because I’ve already sign out form my account
    Any advice?

  11. AlphaGz says:

    If i decided to install H-Encore 3.68 using my phat Vita, borowing my friend’s official memory card (because i used SD2VITA), and return it do i still need to have memory card to install H-Encore every time i boot up my Vita or it will recognized my SD2VITA automatically?

  12. Saromanju says:

    To switch accounts on 3.65 H-encore, is really necessary to formate vita’s card or just restart vitas configuration, should do it for me???

  13. Charles Fasano says:

    How dow I disable my PSTV from loading plugins at startup using a PS3 controller?

  14. Kit Marshal says:

    What if I’m already hacked? Do I have to follow the guide to the T still?

  15. DRW says:

    so can you run 3.68 games on a 3.65 enso psvita then????

  16. Ross Kinlaw says:

    How do I get Permissions to copy stuff to vitashell? when i attempt to copy any vpk’s to it either through windows explorer or Filezilla it wont copy.

  17. Michael beltre says:

    I have a phat Vita running 3.68 laying around but I don’t have any memory ( I can borrow one ), if I change the directory to the one that is on the sd2vita I will need the Vita memory or not ?

    • Charles Fasano says:

      Since 3.67 & 3.68 cannot use Enso, you will always need a Vita memory card to load the exploit first. I use a 4GB Vita card for mine.

  18. OldGoat says:

    Use total commander instead of filezilla

  19. Dell3030 says:

    I have a vita slim 3.68 and I’m trying to hack my vita so he could play and poured a Japanese games most of the Japanese game don’t have English subtitles so I’m trying to find a way to hack it so I Could play games and find a app so I could play with English subtitles

  20. Shouyu says:

    i have OFW 3.61, how i can proceed?
    how i can manually update it to 3.65?

  21. regilio Bouma says:

    how do i hack a psvita 3.68? i see you need to log in to psn? but that will update the console. and i dont want to. cant find clean instructions

  22. Komplexx says:

    It says link PSN. I just bought a used PS Vita Phat. I updated to 3.65 using the other instructions. It won’t allow me to sign into playstation network.

  23. My1 says:

    by the way what can and cant one do with this specific thing? after all anything past 3.60 was very restricted.

  24. Bacsey says:

    IM getting an SYSTEM update and cant sign in with the DNS BYPASS im on PSTV 3.65 OFW

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