PS Vita: TheFlow releases Firmware updater


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  1. 14mR0gu3 says:


  2. mangosteam says:

    Is it cool to update my 3.65 to 3.68? So i can use my psn features? But does it have a permanent henkaku enso that would only need one installation?

  3. windhazard says:

    Glad to see new release but I honestly think this has no practical use. You need a hacked vita in order to use it. But if you have a hacked vita already, why would you update to higher firmwares and lose Enso? Games requiring higher firmware will be dumped eventually and be able to run on 3.60/3.65 Enso Henkaku, so there’s simply no reason to update.

    • Gabriel Franco says:

      Man, this is for prepare the vita for the upcoming hack to 3.68 on July 1

      • Gianluca Di Maggio says:

        You know that anything above 3.65 is simply worse than anything before 3.65? There’s no need to update to 3.68 if you’re not already on it..

  4. Animedono says:

    Is there a chance of enso on 3.68? Otherwise not sure why would anyone use official update, unless its needs to go on official 3.65. Also on the video teaser he showed an offline install. meaning while no permanent hack, you can activate without needing internet+ standby will make it semi permanent.

  5. Orange Peel says:

    Cool beans!

  6. gamer120x1 says:

    plz my ps vita in 3.63 what can i do right now ?

  7. Nergal says:

    Will be a updater metod like change the dns without need of use qcma(tried with no sucess) to update non hacked version 3.61/3.63 to 3.65?

  8. lightning says:

    Stay on ENSO at 3.65 and wait for all the games on 3.68 to eventually get decrypted and dumped by Mai. By then a new ENSO updater may come out. Cold boot Enso is too convenient to give up.

  9. d4rk51d3 says:

    Updated web browser would be nice. Getting tired of the SSL crashes on every second website.

  10. randomuser says:

    eh…. the github page is down

  11. iBrick says:

    The github page is down.
    It gives “Not Found” in

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