Nintendo Switch: the race to reverse engineer Team Xecuter’s piracy CFW


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38 Responses

  1. tomo says:

    lot of peeps going to get banned

  2. bilbi says:

    don’t buy TX products!!!!

    • N says:

      Shut up. Tx is a well established company that has given so many Xbox and Xbox 360 hacks back in the day.

      • ZakWaRRioR says:

        Yeah right… Just for your information TX is don’t know sh*t:=! Thye just got money, they use free solutions leaked or given on internet and turn it to money making solutions! I know this from fact as i myself gave out free for all pdf explaning how to hack or xbox 360 slim corona mobos. I shared it for free, tx made an adapter and didn’t give credit. Wake up guys this is TX! This is what they do

        • Maikson says:

          Point me how to emulate cartridge slot, seens no one have it, TX is the first to be delivering.
          Despite theses offenses that they cannot do anything, they try to reverse engineer to steal their method, they even build an alternate UI over the original, they are way ahead of anyone right now.

      • gimn says:

        they didnt hack anything.

  3. a7mag3ddon says:

    What kind of tight bastards won’t pay $25 to play free games, and would rather wait for it to be cracked. Tut tut tut..

  4. dude in your left says:

    already banned

  5. phrack says:

    I also wonder if they have built a nand formatter inside their wonderful sx os. It looks exactly like they did take some ideas from the gateway 3ds. And gateway had a built in nand formatter that bricked quite a few 3ds’s in its time. I think tx expects that people will try to get around their “licensed” activation scheme and will probably try to punish it. I will not be surprised. This fuse burnout is also interesting to note.

    • PanchoT1 says:

      Thank you kind sir for your words of wisdom…..I feel the same way. All this TX “license” BS…..aint gonna last for too long. They are trying to make as much money as possible before a FREE method is released. They know for a fact that its only a matter of time. TX hasnt even been relevant in any of the console hacking scene for years! This very well could be TX last product.

      • phrack says:

        I agree. They were cool when the original xbox was around. Then again they had some ideas (again built on top of free solutions) in the 360 era with rgh. The quality of their products is good but tends to be very pricey. I liked them before but not know, they are basically greedy bstrds.

  6. duh says:


  7. Citan says:

    Heh, when Flow cracks vita he is the man of the year. Executer who always want money for their work and give one the best solution on the market (for xbox and switch) they are bad and watch out for their work. I was wondering why u didnt post anyhting about them. Now i know.

  8. I don’t agree with the selling of hacks however, devs should be compensated for their works somehow. This reminds me an awful lot of the early days with the PS3 and groups selling those horrible dongles.
    Its such a shame that they will profit directly from piracy.

  9. meh says:

    Waiting for my SX Pro to arrive. Not interested in viewing/buying overpriced games in eshop. Not paying for online with Nintendo, and their online games suck. So even if i got banned, I will not care.
    Will stick to PS4 for my online gaming.

    • Justice says:

      How interesting that despite you’re bashing Nintendo, you’re still dying to get your hands on their games. No need to make excuses!

      • GunzOfNavarone says:

        It’s not a secret that Nintendo games are overpriced, including 30 year old games they continue to make a profit on via virtual console. So it seems the tables have now turned. If Nintendo’s prices were more competitive then maybe people would think twice.

  10. sid says:

    Everyone running a CFW, backup loader included or not, is running a dangerous game when connecting with Nintendo’s servers. Team Xecuter might be questionable for making money with piracy but I have to say that SX OS did surprise with the level of maturity already provided with the 1.0 release. Right now there are only a couple of carts left that make problems so if you offer a product which is well made why not charge for it?

  11. fdsfhdusdiad says:

    Remember how the Gateway 3ds software had bricking code in it? I’m surprised how there are still people who want to use closed source software on their switch after that.

  12. Jack Attack says:

    Card2 games do not work, so basically every new game will be a Card2 game. I’d say if TX can fix that within 2 weeks they’ve earned their money. People had huge issues with Gateway, before they clearly became jerks and abusers, but without Gateway the 3DS scene would have lagged behind. It helped push people to beat them and offer better free solutions.


    We all win in the end.

  13. lightning says:

    Hacking a hacked firmware. What have we come to. We are not animals. LOL
    This is such an oxymoron. Trying to make a CFW out of a CFW.

  14. Durk says:

    Or people could just pay for it. Not everything needs to be free. If yo can afford a Nintendo Switch, you should be able to afford a licence for their OS.

    • synapze says:

      The same can be said about paying for games. If you can afford a Switch you can afford to pay for the games.

      • Durk says:

        That goes without saying. People who buy this will not stop buying games. If there is a certain game you need to play online, you’re going to have to pay for it.

      • C# says:

        Actually I’m not interesting on playing pirate games, I just like to use homebrew apps and emulators, and that dongle looks pretty cool and easy to run any payload. The OS looks great, and even though I’m not interested on piracy, it’s nice to be able to backup my own games, so I don’t have to switch cartridges. So if you remove the piracy matter from the topic, you will see it’s fine that they charge you for their work. Although I believe they should open the OS and just make money with the dongle.

  15. sid says:

    Wow, I actually have high regards for this site but deleting a comment which doesn’t align with the totally negative perception of SX OS here is not what I expected. Always thought comments were meant for different perspectives but I guess there should be only one in this case.

  16. Franky says:

    Can’t hate on someone capitalizing. If Gateway 3DS didn’t exist I bet it would’ve taken longer to get a free CFW that could do everything it did.

  17. not says:

    Ok so where is the best place to buy one?

  18. K3 says:

    >An early version of their custom firmware has been reported to burn the fuses on the console in some cases, which is an irreversible change. Although Team Xecuter state they have now fixed the issue, this confirms once again that running unverified hacks on your console can lead to bad outcomes.

    This only applied to people who used this unofficial hacky way to update their low fw system to a high fw system, for what it’s worth. The method allowed, to my understanding, people to update to a higher firmware without burning the efuse that’s usually burnt upon updating officially to prevent downgrading. In this way, they could downgrade the system whenever a coldboot exploit was released and they’d still be able to play the newest games (and go online?) in the meantime. SX OS assumed the system was actually on the version it was on and burnt the efuse like it should have been. It was fixed in 1.1 though.

  19. Childman says:

    A donation is the best way to pay off behind every piracy/hacking.

  20. Steve says:

    Does anyone know where the Switch games are? Can you give me a point in the right direction please? Thanks 🙂

  21. Destouches says:

    The LFS, or “donor” technique is free and DAMN easy.

    – Install a demo from eshop (a few of’em while you’re at it)
    – DL the XCI you wanna play
    – Extract it by using a soft
    – Patch its “main” file using the demo title with a simple html application
    – copy on your SD
    – launch the NS through the ROMFS boot enabled by fusée gelée
    – have fun

    The worst things I faced were the Skyrim savebugs…And it had nothing to do with the hack !
    Awesome game though, just way overpriced on NS.

  22. Gio says:

    So… Would you say that this is a good time to invest in their $50 pro thing, or would it be better to wait? Im not exactly sure how this thing would work, but I’m ultimately hoping to have a save backup manager and some homebrew (notably for ps1, ds, and gba)