This week in emulation (29 May – 5 June): Progress in Switch/PSVita emulation with more games booting, Lakka ported to the Switch, MAME 0.198, Cemu 1.12.1 and Nova 0.3 released, and more!


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5 Responses

  1. iDarkyeL says:

    Thanks for the news Aurora! It is interesting to see how the scenario with emulators today seems to happen much faster because of the support that developers end up receiving by patreon. Another interesting detail that I had no idea is that it is already possible to make backups of Switch games, after all for Mario Odissey to be exploitable he should already be importable to the PC

  2. Chicken says:

    already booting odyssey? cool. think don’t need to buy that damn 360$ indie game machine.

  3. ZeroSbr says:

    There’s a long way to go until that Vita emulator is worth using.

    • David Guetta says:

      Well how could the Yuzu run a commercial title? Is there already a game dumper (no matter released or not) for Switch?

  4. GoodEvidence says:

    Is it possible to play pirate game right now or it isn’t ready yet?