How to: set up the 5.05 PS4 exploit on your ESP8266 Device (Windows)


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  1. Rena says:

    Note that you need to hold the flash button and press reset on the ESP8266 to upload firmware. (Unless this program does it for you somehow?)

    If you have the board with no buttons, you need to connect GPIO2 to VCC, GPIO0 and GPIO15 (if present) to ground, and power on like that to enter flash mode. Connect GPIO0 to VCC to boot normally instead of flash mode.

  2. Pepito says:


  3. RazorX says:

    ESP8266XploitHost_v2.5 has been released

  4. Floxi says:

    How’s the noise level of your Pro? I’m considering buying one, but loud fans drive me crazy.

    • DSpider says:

      Like an airplane taking off… Is it supposed to be this loud with a jailbreak? It’s my first time jailbreaking mine.

  5. fresno says:

    Here is a better one “BYdjBr” no need IP and easy to use :

  6. Slav says:

    Thank you for the great tutorial, Wololo! Just a small correction if I can add:
    NodeMcu V3 has 2 variations, using chips CP2102 and CH340, respectively. The module from the pictures is the one with CH340 chip and you pointed the people to the incorrect driver. In case needed they should install the CH340 driver (CH341SER.EXE) from
    Best Regards

  7. Slav says:

    I recommend ESP8266 + extra memory 32M Flash the price of the module is almost the same as 4MB, but the bigger capacity will enable you for future projects and more goodies.

    • RazorX says:

      that really isn’t needed when most of the guys that are setting this up are adding support for micro sd

  8. Kralle says:

    Is there any ESP8266 software including the new ApptoUSB (5.05) payload?

  9. Nivk81 says:

    Im noob. What about teensy ++2.0

  10. Dr.Snuggels says:

    I recommend a Toshiba Flash Air SD-Card, as an all in one Super wonder solver…. Simplpe to use, looks great!

  11. eXtreme says:

    if you see the debug settings, it is no confirmation the exploit has been runned successful. in some case I load hen but with memory error (it was on 4.05 and 4.55) and see the debug settings but apps still are locked. it did not happen often.

  12. RZ1 says:

    Is it possible to change/hide the SSID?

  13. Ethan Weegee says:

    Windows isn’t in flavors. Linux is.

    Windows is in versions.

    Or, different levels of broken, if you will.

  14. iXeN says:

    I have an issue this one by c0d3m4st4 is perfect i made mine including xvx-hen only but it doesn’t contain feature to use easy connection when i do it i fail at proxy server and i must use custom instead of easy any idea how to fix that ?

  15. Zille says:

    Can I send gta5 payload from this? If possible how?

  16. svolochs66 says:

    For those who have the esp 8266, mine didn’t work try this

    this is for specially lilon esp 8266 v3 arduino, for troubleshoot like it’s just recognize as usb 2.0
    if your computer still didn’t recognize it try change the wire thx. sorry for my bad english

  17. Somervilleguy says:

    When i try to connect to the esp it asks for a password, are there any defaults?

  18. Cellie says:

    Hi Wololo.

    I just released a HEN enabler for the big brother of the ESP8266. It is very basic and just enables HEN.
    You can find the code on

    Thanks for your site and good luck.

  19. Abd says:

    How do back firmware ps4 from 5.55 to firmware 5.05