PS4 Hack: Project Mira ported to firmware 4.55, Android Companion App in the works


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14 Responses

  1. Moho says:

    Nice. Can’t wait to try

  2. Cesar says:


  3. FFTW says:

    the app-mira combo will be nice to use 🙂

  4. mumen1234 says:

    So what other cool features does it provide?

  5. Until says:


  6. Jfjjfjf says:

    Just Release the kexploit…
    It sucks

  7. Thetechdoc says:

    >waits patiently for 5.05 hack
    >gets teased with the hack being ported to 4.xx before the intended firmware

  8. lolololololo says:

    Yeah, this is what we really want and need…. What’s even the point of releasing this ? Just wasted time really…

  9. RazorX says:

    have the OpenOrbis team said when they will be releasing the 5.05 jailbreak yet?