PS4: Mathieulh shows he has a 5.55 kernel dump, taunts Sony


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  1. Wush says:

    What I don’t get is this.

    If he cared about the company, why “taunt” them? Why not contact them to get it fixed.

    If he cared about the community why hold it behind closed doors?

    By taunting that he has something, but not releasing it to the community OR helping Sony patch it up he is accomplishing nothing and honestly should not make news for it… Just my 2 cents

    • g4nz says:

      that’s ego, man. everyone has it. but no so many have the ability and brain to reveal cool stuff

      • LaVerité says:

        All the more reason not to care about some random dbag who only wants to brag about his accomplishments without benefiting anyone with them. This didn’t deserve an article or any attention. What was Wo thinking?

        • Johny 5 says:

          He’s not a dbag. The taunting sure it’s ego. Everyone has it. Hacking is a very hard thing to do, I’m sure hes spent LOOONNNNGGG hours doing this. It’s like bragging about a new promotion on Facebook. He doesn’t release because in order for him to do further research he needs an exploit that isnt going to get patched in a couple days. It’s a lot easier to find another kernel exploit already having a kernel exploit.

          • LookCloser says:

            So why tip everyone off, give them an early start looking for it, and taunt people like a dbag? It’s not like this does anything for anyone until it’s released, and this article implies he’s just going to hoard it and brag about it and not use it toward anything that will produce public hacks. He’s apparently bot trying to find us other exploits with it. That would be worthy news. This article basically implies he’s not going to use it to advance anything toward public hacks, and he just wants to brag and taunt. Definitely useless bragging. Who cares about someone’s ego trip about something they’ll only use for themselves?

          • zzhead says:

            Exactly. Pure ego, and he has the right to do so, as he probably worked long and hard to figure it out. So he has the brains – and the ego, and the ego needs admiration and approval, so why not brag about it? If no one spoke about anything to anyone (a bit of exaggeration) nothing would change / improve. Now we know he has a solution. So others can be sure that it can be found. Good. It will be enough to release it when 6.0 comes along, and he has a solution to that as well 😉

          • Big Boi says:

            Oh stop it i’m tired of ppl giving devs the ok just being a dev. If the guy had any respect to the community or the scene he would have done his reveal the right way by coming to “us” with his announcement all this is gonna do is encourage Sony to strengthen their firmwares even more. And then what? we gotta be patient for another 4 years for a full CFW release? He has the brains to find an exploit, but has poor choices on who to target them with….

    • Smart Man says:

      Exactly. There’s no point in talking about this guy because it only encourages this kind of narcissistic behavior, which benefits no one

    • azoreseuropa says:

      Shh!! Dont let him contact them to get it fixed. Their problem, not ours. Can’t wait for 5.55 jailbreak! YAY!

    • HYPERTiZ says:

      holding it means the exploit can ride out for longer updates. especially if it is his only expoit he found etc

  2. Wololo says:

    He will never release it

    • spok says:

      well again someone else will release it after half-year or in 2019 so he can say that he was FIRST like other *** who post that here… 🙂

  3. Destouches says:

    In the early XVIIIth century, the infamous french bandit Cartouche and his team were used to steal valuable goods from Philippe d’Orleans’ royal guards, especially the swords pommels.

    One day, the captain decided to equip his soldiers with pommels sculpted in unvaluable metals, which were stole again. The thief sent a missive to the captain taunting that “it is unhonourable to rob a robber”.

    Well, taunting has always been part of the romantic side of expert thieves.

  4. Waiting for 5.05 JB says:


  5. cbtrocafort says:

    they had 5.55. they won’t be releasing it soon and you know why? if they did that, game creators would stop producing games for ps4 now if they released the latest hacked firmware. sony will just release ps5 if that happens. wait for a few months until december for it to be released. that way, all other new games had been sold long enought before a new firmware and a new game to be released. just enjoy the upcoming 5.05 for a few months.

    • Richard says:

      This literally has never been the case in the history of consoles…

      Sony won’t just say “screw it” and release a console (PS5) that is probably not even finished and scheduled for 2020 just because the 2% of people who bought the most popular console of the generation can hack it.

      It never happened with the PS3 or PSP.

      • Keith L Salmon II says:

        exactly, They did a poll a few years about about how man people hacked their console and it was a very low number like you were saying who actually hack their consoles just in general.

    • Ghost says:

      You have no idea what you’re talking about do you. That’s not how it works.

    • Hafaz Aladeen says:

      The funny thing is Sony just announced the PS4 is reaching its end cycle. Yup, during next year or the one after it they will show the PS5.

      So… no. Even somebody gave 5.55 access to the people it wouldn’t do *** to Sony’s plans

  6. lil pump says:

    LMAO why

  7. ivan silva de carvalho says:


  8. Richard says:

    This guy will keep saying that he has “dumped” or has an kexploit for every new FW,of course without releasing anything….he truly craves for attention isn’t it.

  9. APT says:

    I think he tries to look cool and he hope Sony will give him a big check and a well paid job.

  10. Leo says:

    Typical Math – PS3 3.56 all over again…

    • Keith L Salmon II says:

      you said it brother. I remember all that happening

    • ayn says:

      and he never released anything. It was the 3 Musketeers that leaked the lv0 keys. This is why we need to stop reporting this guy and giving him any attention.

  11. G says:

    Lol, this nerd is trying to show he is ‘better’ than anyone else without releasing anything. Typical French arrogant mentality – ” I am superior than you ”. I know it because I left this country. If only you knew how much type of Mathieulh there is in French, you wouldn’t believe. Thank God I left this country.

  12. Undertake0885 says:

    First 😀

  13. Joo C says:

    Okay…where’s the 5.05 exploit? Hang onto the 5.55, that’s the least of our concerns right now particularly since you (Mathieulh) have made it clear you’re not releasing it anytime soon

  14. jiwwn says:


  15. Javed says:

    4.05 jb released
    4.55 jb released
    5.05 jb TBA
    5.55 jb might be released
    What a coincidence.

  16. omar rana says:

    it is simple why should he release? if he releases his psn access would be gone.
    He wants to enjoy free games with psn. Simple.! no release for us.!

  17. Dmaskell92 says:

    Not that I care if this gets released or not, but why exactly would Sony care about a private exploit? The bottom line for Sony is projected sales and revenue loss. Who is going to pay thousands of dollars to prevent someone from pirating hundreds of dollars worth of goods? Nobody, and unless it’s released publicly and those hundreds become thousands, Sony isn’t impressed.

    I do hate the corporate giant that is Sony, and I would enjoy to see a release. Not for myself, but just the pleasure of messing with Sony. A retaliation for all the firmware patches, and the stripping of features in the name of security. Even though I don’t own the console, the temporary victory would be sweet!

  18. 1 says:

    “Firmware 5.55 was released less than a week ago, so this is pretty impressive.”

    Isnt it possible that its the same exploit that is present in firmware 5.53? In that case, he would have access to it from day 1 of the firmware and didnt have to do anything new to get it in firmware 5.55.

  19. AAA says:

    Just ignore him, don’t give that manslot attention please.

  20. The White Tyger says:

    Besides, the more he is bashed against, the more he will share with $ony and make it less likely the community will benefit from any work he has done. heck, i’d be for him just to make sure he sits on the exploit and not reveal it to $ony.

    Who knows? If people stop bashing Math, he may wind up surprising us and sharing his work to the community instead. Stranger stuff has happened before, you never know.

    • The White Tyger says:

      Every comment I have ever left on wololo dot net always requires moderation… Shenanigans I say! 😀

  21. nebu_187 says:

    Mathieulh is a Playstation Scene Veteran. And a big contributor to everything we have today so… RESPECT!

  22. The White Tyger says:

    Please delete this last comment, I’m an idiot.

  23. Redirr says:

    System are made to run codes, doesn’t matter whicth code. There is no way to block a code!

  24. The White Tyger says:

    I used to hate on Mathieulh because he pulled the same stuff with the PS3 scene back in it’s glory hacking days. Now, I’ve come to accept it as a challenge of sorts. If HE could find it, then others out there should also be able to as well. He isn’t taunting us or $ony (well actually he IS), he is further driving the cat and mouse game to see who will catch up first. He is helping by showing that a newer exploit DOES exist. He coulda said absolutely nothing and neither us nor $ony would be aware of it’s existence.

    I’m just grateful that peepz like him are out there that are able to break locked down systems like gaming consoles. It shows that $ony half-*** things and takes from previous works already created, slaps some encryption onto it and makes profit from the works of other people/companies. Even if they pay licensing fees, least M$ has it right and creates their own hardware AND software. ($ony tried that with the PS3 and still failed.) Shoulda not been so greedy and stuck with Nintendo and y’all both wouldn’t be in this position in the first place.

    I’d be for Mathieulh just so he would sit on it and at least not reveal it to $ony.

    P.S. ok, I understand deleting one comment since it was a dupe, but why delete the original comment as well?

    • The White Tyger says:

      P.P.S. Just delete all my comments, and I’m going to stop commenting since I can’t be patient enough to await moderation, once more very sorry for making y’all do extra work…

  25. Crzo says:

    Stroking of e-P-ness intensifies…

  26. Bob says:

    Stop giving attention to someone who is never going to release anything.

    • James says:

      I mean, you could’ve just as easily went about your day without making a post about it. It’s not like he’s forcing you to read what he said with a gun to your head, you chose to so it’s your problem not his lol.

  27. God says:

    He’s just announcing firmware dates. It means nothing.

  28. Fimo says:

    I’ve updated my 4.55 to 5.50 only to play God of War.
    They can release a 5.55 jailbreak and I dont care. Now I will only play on my PC real 4k + ultrasettings, no more on a old gen console.

  29. ThereIsNoSpoon says:

    Seeing as the PS4 is on its last phase and exploits haven’t really impacted the system, it will be wide open in a couple of years and probably more useful then. lol Alongside a new system. Honestly though, is there any real benefit at the moment? Does the hype outweigh the cons?

  30. Kevin Cuckler says:

    Let me guess… you sunk my battleship?

  31. He is the worst ps4 dev guys, 90% ego, 10% show-off.

  32. Toutsif says:

    No share. No release. No proof. So it never happened

  33. John says:

    Hackers on the scene ps4 = Noob.

  34. Dave says:

    he done what is possible, so far …. cfw 5.55 wont be far…. if he still love what he doing….. we pay respect of his work…. my ps4 5.55 is await the savior !

  35. Sebastião vicente says:

    Parabéns pelo seu ótimo trabalho.

  36. kensuke says:

    since i’m a developer i wouldn’t share anything before it’s fully stable for use
    so if i’m a hacker and i hack ps4 i’ll like people to get this hack too but what if i release a not stable exploit to exploit your ps4 and hack it and for even reason your ps4 stop working what you’ll say? you will attack me like youre doing to him now also if it has a lot audience and its a big community that wants to have a hacked ps4 and all those ps4 that is in the firmware that is exploitable stop working because ps4 exploit wasnt stable what he will get? a lot of fury people attacking him so
    since i’m a developer i think that people might have a stable sytem/exploit/app/firmware to give people good experience so just stop attacking him because he doesnt release it maybe it still in a phase that isn’t automatic like ps4 exploit are and you may require to do somethings by you and it include some codes it reduces to a signicant people that can apply the exploit .
    it means that this guy maybe has the exploit but he still making improvements to his code or maybe he still coding to give all the tools to can successfully exploit you ps4 and not kill it in the try
    keep in mind that all developers sell or share their software in a usable state

    i’m not defending him
    i’m just talking by the developers side
    if you say that a hacker isn’t a developer you are very very wrong because all hackers are developers they just found vulnerabilities and exploit it 😛
    so just wait

  37. Domdom says:

    How long do we need to wait for 5.55 to be hacked?

  38. Anonim says:

    Hey wololo! Does that mean that the 5.55 has been Jailbroken in private?

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