PS4: Mathieulh shows he has a 5.55 kernel dump, taunts Sony


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66 Responses

  1. bahram says:

    come on men its augest now u mean that i have to sell my ps4 just to play games with 5.05 fw.come on realese the 5.55 jailbreak and then dont realese the next one im waiting for long time. give me solution guys please

  2. DKX says:

    5.56 is out my body is ready for cfw release

  3. DeadJithacker says:

    Please notify me when 5.55 comes out

  4. Please release jailbreak says:

    D: is he just never going to release the exploit? My pro has been collecting dust for months. I just want to know so I can sell it so somebody can get some use out of it.