PS4 5.05 Jailbreak when?


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26 Responses

  1. SUCKYDUDLY says:

    The sad world of me, welcome.

  2. Stef says:

    It’s the right time for ps4 jailbreak, i mean the console is now about 5 years old. Thanks to all devs who worked/working on the PSx scene. <3 <3 <3

    • spok says:

      yup but this should be released half-year ago after 5.05 was out and not now when there are new PS4s with no-go FWs in the stores…

      • Jack Attack says:

        Plenty of lingering bundles remain. It’s not hard, at all, to find one with the proper firmware.

  3. Miguel says:

    I am kinda sad with this, I’ve been waiting and checkin everyday at the pages for that release…

  4. Rikku says:

    Update / Sell your device!

  5. Jack Colon says:

    Im not in a rush. The only thing Im looking forward to is updating KH 1.5 to a non broken state, and Im not ready to let go of PS4 Cheater for that. Hopefully 5.05 CFW doesnt mean we have to start all the development of precious payloads over now that there is a different entry point.

  6. Canis says:

    “Hacker darkelement” It’s not a hacker , shame on you lol

  7. Basxch says:

    They should have release it this week

  8. Jack Attack says:

    The sad thing I just want this asap so I can update the games I bought on my unactivated pro so I can take advantage of the hardware. As far as I am aware, you can only do this through exploits if it’s not activated.

    If I am wrong everyone is welcome to correct me and point me towards salvation. In the meantime at least the switch scene is also blowing up and keeping me preoccupied.

  9. dumbkid says:

    We are lame

  10. ok trik says:

    i wish they didn’t released the exploit yet until i manged to sell all my Physical disc ..i got 20+ game title

  11. Nunbgu says:

    Love this website discovered it about 6 years ago during my psp days,and ever since then it has always kept me up-to-date about certain jailbreak releases and how to’s/tutorials. I just want to thank all the devs for all their hard work and dedication throughout the years,and to wololo for all of the great articles provided to noobs such as myself to better inform us on what’s happening and what do next…thank you 🙂

  12. Mitsch says:

    I think all Devs should work together to do a CFW for the PS4 and maybe Downgrading tools like E3 Flasher for the PS4

  13. Charles Fasano says:

    Take all the time you need.

  14. p says:

    why would i want to take a bucket of salt?? and it will happen when they are good and damn ready to release it. stop crying… or… do it yourself!

  15. Tony de pablo says:

    I want to say thx u to all the dev and to the team of for your work. I hope the kexploit will be released soon, I’am always looking for specterdev’s twitter ^^

    Sorry for my bad English, I’m French…

  16. Mortus Felix says:

    I thought the people were putting too much pressure on the devs, and the devs act exactly the way people think, hinting a jailbreak release and keep the people eager and make them sad everyday when they search all the sites for the release. I’ve been wondering if the devs enjoy making people beg for jailbreak, rather than give it to em easily. Sounds like Voldemort, I mean you-know-who……

  17. Yo mama loves me says:

    what i want want to know can you do the jailbreak update with a faulty bluray drive. cause atm many cant update to 5.55 official firmware because of hardware scans. Can anyone confirm if its possible to do so ie Update or rather say jailbreak with a faulty bluray drive

  18. ps4gamer says:

    i have ps4 pro fw-ver 4.73 for sell
    price: $450

    i stop wait for jailbreak 5.05.
    jailbreak 5.05 release date is 20 or 27 but what year?

  19. liu says:

    I dont think his gonna release the K.E. after all,two weeks past by.

  20. zNilox says:

    It’s out!!!! I just have a question: does it work on 5.00? Or only on 5.05? I’ll have to wait for a video anyway…so excited though

  21. Thanks for this website. I definitely agree with what you are saying.