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PS4: How to get your hands on a PS4 with firmware 5.05 or lower

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  1. Jav Am says:

    Hi guys! Thanks for this information! It’s really helpful for those people (incluiding me) who doesn’t have a ps4 yet. I have a doubt, in my local store in Mexico I found this bundle “FIFA 18 BUNDLE HW 1TB PS4 SLIM” but it doesn’t exist in the list above, someone knows which firmware has? Thank you in advance!! 🙂

  2. nebu_187 says:

    I am so glad i have a ”Vanilla” plain black PS4 on the right firmware those bundled PS4’s looks dont appeal to me at all

  3. Position says:

    You have better chance to get older PS4 from shops that “you didn’t know they sell PS4” … like Shoppers DrugMart… I got found a brand new PS4 PRO on firmware 4.07 in mid April 2018 (Jet Black, No Bundle). Obsiously they wont let you try the PS4 (they don’t have TVs at all!) so you’ll have to do some serial number research…

  4. Reynkz says:

    Yikes, they are all going to spike in price.

  5. Tyler says:

    I have a PS4 Pro that has never been updated, meaning, it has never played a single game and has been turned on only once. I have a PS4 Slim that has been updated, but it is a firmware below 5 I believe. Has been played only a few times. I may consider selling one of them if someone is interested in paying a premium.

  6. SyroGlacé says:

    Anyone with ps4 Pro Fifa Bundle?… With What firmware it comes???

  7. mink2018 says:

    Got the 4.73 2116A slim
    Nba2k18 bundle
    Weird but it was sold to me for 300$
    With no nba2k18
    cant complain since it’s 4.73 and it’s brand new

    Some *** from the store must have took the game.
    Took your word for it Wololo since you said you trust SpecterDev then id trust him too since i trust you.

  8. PSP_lvo says:

    Can anyone confirm the firmware thats shipped with the PS4 Pro Battlefront II limited edition bundle ?

  9. ange aka says:

    I think you have a better chance at a pawn shop, i just got a ps4 vanilla 4.73 at a local pawn shop just let them know you need a specific version they will allow you to look.

  10. labadu says:

    Glad i got PS4 PRO CUH 711B and it was on 4.73 no bundle 2 weeks ago

  11. Neil says:

    Does anyone know if the Fifa 18 slim bundle is on 5.05 or lower

    • BlumCoLe says:

      4.73 …received it yesterday (german Saturn)

      It’s the Bundle with 2 controllers.

  12. Youss says:

    The Monster Hunter Edition is also available in France, you can buy it from Micromania.

  13. Tims says:

    Doses anybody had info if 5.07 is vulnerability or not?

  14. derART says:

    PS4 Pro 1TB (CUH-7116B B01Y) Black – God of War Bundle

    P-27452506-D / S01 – 1601284 – 8

    Bought Yesterday: FW is 4.73


    Best Regards

  15. protectivedad says:

    Shopper Drugmart PS4 Pro CUH-7015B serial MC1715* vers 4.70

  16. protectivedad says:

    Shopper Drugmart PS4 Pro CUH-7015B serial MC9715* vers 4.70

  17. mkw1912 says:

    my PS4 phat is on firmware 5.01, is it safe to upgrade it to 5.55 or should i live it to 5.01?

    • PeAcE says:

      Update it to 5.05 by downloading that firmware and via USB (recovey mode install) if you want the new exploit when released for 5.05?

  18. Anh Nguyen says:

    What about Ps4 Pro Fifa 18 Bundle guys? It was no CUH 7106

  19. Anh Nguyen says:

    What about Ps4 Pro Fifa 18 Bundle guys? It was model no CUH 7106

  20. Idiotaaa says:

    Yes. I buyed yesterday Ps4 Pro gow edition from stone market with OFW 4.75. Price 450 euro. But i dont know, Gow need for running 5.05. I better not play it and patient wait. At this moment i just looking at my New PS4, i cant playing 😉 i have seriously fear installing something, or connect into PSN…

  21. BlumCoLe says:

    @wololo: You should add some bundles …there are several slim bundles with <5.05. 😉

    In my case: Slim (2116) FIFA 18 Bundle with 2 controllers came with 4.73. (Saturn Onlineshop Germany for 299€)

  22. PickMan says:

    Does anyone know the stock firmware for the glacier white ps4 pro gamestop exclusive? was released a week after 5.05 came out, got a feeling it should be lower?

  23. Jimminer says:

    Hello, can anyone confirm the firmware of: Sony PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB & God Of War (black PS4 slim 1tb 1 controller god of war 2018)?

  24. Shah says:

    I have firmware 5.50 please let me know when hack is available for 5.5

  25. dedi says:

    If you play with ps4 hen 5.05 n you never connect to psn it means you play the game later as a guest?coz if you want to play with your psn account you need to connect to psn and with exploit vers we cant update to latest version right?coz i cant acces my save game data on ps4 sistem it need to connect psn, sorry bad english

  26. Mohit says:

    Can some one confirm what firmware this PS4 Pro will be having?
    The seller Doesn’t know anything about firmware.

    • Lucas says:

      Mine’s a ps4 pro CUH-7116B Black, no bundle
      I Dont remember other numbers, I’m at work and box at home, I’ll update here if I remember
      Bought on Amazon in Brazil in november
      Hope I helped, even late…

  27. wild cat says:

    i got one (slim, 500GB, black) from store yesterday. it was shipped with 5.07
    managed to get browser exploit working with it.
    oh, the store is yodobashi, yokohama, in case someone interested in.

  28. Skruven says:

    Just bought the Days of Play Bundle, shipped with 5.03.

  29. RWTF says:

    Bought the PS4 Pro jet black God of War Bundle at Media Markt Germany and it came with FW4.73. Bought a non bundle pro console and it was on 5.50.returned it today and bought the GOW Bundle. On Monday I’m gonna sell my 5.05 slim to a friend.

    what a lucky day 🙂 these bundles are almost vanished from the stores everywhere

    CUH-7116B B01Y P-27452506-D

  30. lomzy says:

    I got 6 days of play 1tb limited Edition ps4s @ Gamestop TX all came with 5.07.

    • lomzy says:

      earlier on Amazon i got 2 Starwars Battlefront 2 LE Ps4 Pro …both were 4.73…
      1tb regular Pro from Gamestop during days of play sales came with 4.55

  31. heliox says:

    Does anyone know what firmware is on Spider Man Limited Edition ?

  32. Sum Yeuong Boi says:

    Does anybody know what firmware the 500 Million Limited Edition is on??

  33. Spiros says:

    Hi do u know what firmware the ps4 slim white ships? The sandard white no bundle

  34. Visovan Alin says:

    Hi guys,anyone with ps4 Pro Fifa 18 Bundle?

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