PS4 firmware 5.55 released


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16 Responses

  1. Javed says:

    I unplugged my network after hearing that 5.53 is also hackable.

    • 8pcd says:


    • Rikku says:

      LOL it first time I read someone with coll comment instead FIRST

      • Magusar says:

        I have that *** 5.53-01 update.
        I guess it’s exploitable too since they quickly made 5.55.
        Let’s hope mathiulh is a team player for once.

  2. Vasia says:

    They improves stability and performance so many times, and yet many games still have FPS problems

    • Spaarks says:

      xD indeed.

    • GunzOfNavarone says:

      That’s because they do sweet *** all where performance is concerned, but if they put that out there, it’s like dangling a carrot to a donkey. Some will believe it and think updating to the latest firmware is far more important because of better optimization. These firmware updates are nothing more than security patches.

    • Ethan Weegee says:

      Crashes during update that “improves stability and system performance.”

  3. FUCKSONY says:

    Hey, talk about qwerty using mods on GTA 5 in 5.05, he even published a video. Wasn’t even using debug (not needed for that of course).

  4. Jack Attack says:

    I bought the BFII Pro Bundle. Also came with 4.73

  5. Loki says:

    This is a forced update if you wish to continue using PSN services, I updated my Pro, but have a 4.05 Destiny Edition waiting in the wings.

  6. Ethan Weegee says:

    “…enhanced security.”

    Well, they aren’t wrong.

  7. G&T says:

    i managed to get PS4 Brand New with 1.75 Firmware

  8. Syed Sohail Hamza says:

    Plz inform me when jailbreak of version 5.55 or 5.50 will be released. I will really be thankful.

  9. Cro cop says:

    Can downgrade 5.55 of5.05 thanks. Can .5.55 jailbreak please thanks.

  10. Amjad says:

    She is very helpful PS4 5.55 jailbreak thanks