Nintendo Switch scene exploding with emulators: GameBoy Colour, Advance and Nintendo DS emulators for FW 5.0.0 have been released!


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  1. Richard says:

    I don’t want emulators,I want PIRACY.

  2. Mr First says:


  3. TehCupcakes says:

    “However, unlike the PSVita port, this port performs better but it must be noted that it runs pretty slowly on most games however with some further work, performance may actually become somewhat decent since the Switch’s hardware is much better than that found in the PSVita!”

    Everything about this “sentence” is gross. Seriously, this is a blog. I don’t expect perfection, but I do expect journalism better than your average forum post.

    • Aurora says:

      I’m more of a fan of longer sentences if I had to be perfectly honest with you although I agree that using however twice doesn’t sound too nice. It’s a matter of personal preference more than anything else, in my opinion that is 😉

      • englishtips says:

        I believe TehCupcakes is pointing at a run-on sentence. A good writer will strive to improve how they communicate with their readers. For many who aren’t well-versed in English, seeing it written correctly is of great assistance.

        However, unlike the PSVita port, this port performs better but it must be noted that it runs pretty slowly on most games. With some further work, performance may actually become somewhat decent since the Switch’s hardware is much better than that found in the PSVita!

        Ending one thought before starting another helps the reader follow your message with ease. Removing the second ‘however’ assists the user as the contrasting tone was already previously set and is redundant.

    • Zeke says:

      If you want journalism then maybe go buy a newspaper, rather than criticizing Aurora’s writing style which you’re getting for free. I don’t recall her asking you to proofread her work.

  4. Wth says:

    Didnt know that Game Boy “Colour” ever existed

    • Ghestout says:

      Some countries spell it differently.

      • Conster Mock says:

        Us English spell it properly.

        • JustLovingTheSite says:

          “Color (American English) or colour (Commonwealth English) is the characteristic of human visual perception described through color categories, with names such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple.” <== from . No matter what, it gets the point across…and that comment coming from the guy that says "Us English…." so either you wanted to say United States English (US) or you were trying to say "USE", in that case you lost an E in the freak-out over an alternative form of spelling… Thank you for using Literal Airlines, have a great day.

        • yee says:

          thats why UK english sounds better . not like a farmer redneck talking english .

        • -_- says:

          English UK spell it properly because they were first to spell it like that in English. USA does what it does best, copies everyone else and messes it up.

  5. Channex81 says:


  6. Channex81 says:

    Damn beat again!

  7. polishpolandgeddit says:

    no love for poland? heh

  8. Kiryu says:

    Does this work with 5.0.2 also?

    • Panda says:

      GBA not working for me

    • ProtoPropski says:

      Yes all of the emulators mentioned in this post work on 5.0.2, but be aware that these emulators are a WIP, so compatibility is shakey, and some games will work better then others

  9. ProtoPropski says:

    As a regular reader, I approve this message… 😉 I’m excited to see the future of this DS emulator, and hopefully we can expect more compatibility to be made as patches are implemented, that better take advantage of the Switch’s Power, I mean if the Nvidia Sheild which has the same SoC Tegra-X1 has anything to say about it then we can expect a bright future for emulators going forward 😛 I hope we get to PSP before the end of it cause I’d love to finally replace my Vita as my Main Portable Emulation Machine, and that would do it for me on top of the Ocean that is the DS Library

  10. Retroarch says:

    Why abandon standalone emulators for retroarch? I’ve used it, it isn’t that great – just more complicated because it’s a swiss army knife when I need a fork.

  11. Thetechdoc says:

    Interested to see a local GameCube emulator/dolphin port, maybe even a 3ds emulator way off in the future? Not quite sure where the switches limit would be in terms of emulation

  12. Destouches says:

    Emulation is the ice cream of gaming, it has a flavor for everyone.

    I’ll have Genesys, PSX and N64 please.

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