PS4: Mira project & what to expect from the upcoming 5.05 jailbreak release


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19 Responses

  1. lololo says:

    does the no limited “god of war bundle” have also the 4.73 ?!

    • spok says:

      i hope that soon there will be a list of no-go bundles/boxes at least by the time when JB 5.05 is out otherwise it will be big fail again… 🙁

    • Tonyhoro says:

      I think the game itself requires 5.05, but the console can be on lower version, but the chances are low.

  2. arum01 says:


    I hope the release will come with a package and easy installation as HEN is familiar to me.
    All hail Jailbreak

  3. Wextasy says:

    Can it make any solution to active remoteplay

  4. Wextasy says:

    Can it make any solution to active remoteplay.?

  5. Jackal says:

    I have question we can play god of war or farcry 5 or other new games with 5.05 or 4.50 hacked?

  6. Ravenheart says:

    I’ve ordered the Monster Hunter World LE PS4 Pro for this HEN as well, sources say it should come with 4.73 as well, hoping thats the case.

  7. Potito says:

    Do you think we should be able to play online with this exploit ?

  8. Dboy says:

    Will this allow us to play games requiring higher fw on lower fw consoles. Like on ps3 where they would change the files in the game to allow it to work on a lower fw. I think it was called eboot fixes

    • GunzOfNavarone says:

      This is something I wish to know as well, although from what I have found out, the newer keys would need to be cracked in order for this to happen.

      However what I am thinking is that where there’s a will, there’s a way and given the amount of contributors to this new CFW, I would guess that something will eventually be created to spoof later firmwares. – Fingers crossed.

  9. B says:

    I waited for a long time but now my ps4 has a BLOD problem

  10. seedy says:

    is it better to hack a ps4 pro than a og ps4 because the the pro has the extra ram and power ? thinking of getting an other ps4 but don’t know switch one.

  11. Rexsez says:

    I have jailbroken PS4 and i didn’t like the jailbreak can i update to the last OFW nad play online whithout getting banned ?

  12. ABC says:

    has anyone bought the cod wwii bundle plz state the firmware version