SpecterDev: Full fledged PS4 5.05 Jailbreak + tools incoming in the next few weeks


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  1. FirebirdTA01 says:

    That’s awesome, I’ve been holding onto a 5.01 ps4 wanting to code for it.

    Also, first?

    • spok says:

      finally I must not to miss this chance to buy a brand new PS4 – has anyone know of any bundle with FW higher than 5.05 to avoid it? 🙂

  2. guilherme says:


  3. vicoi says:

    and that is so dope!

  4. Puneet J. says:

    I’m stuck at 5.01, thought SpecterDev may not release exploit anytime soon but it was the worth waiting and the patience we had. =D This is exciting and I can’t wait it to release. My Blueray is broke and not able to play games, This news will make my dead ps4 come to life =D. Guys make donation to SpecterDev to support his hardwork.

  5. Bash Ondore says:

    LOL i got on Amazon today PS4 PRO 4.73 New 4K and HDR and my guts telling me to buy the console damn what a lucky day i will not forget this awesome news your truly top to the NEWS Wololo

  6. Vic-20 says:


  7. A7mag3ddon says:

    Ant the pirates go wild….

  8. mahmoud zidan says:

    does this allow piracy ?

  9. Max Kopf says:

    Question: Should I feel bad about the fact that I JUST bought a used 4.55 standard PS4 for 300 Euros? It doesn’t even come with a controller or HDMI cable. It is my first PS4 though.

  10. Jack Colon says:

    Im still on 4.55 so it’s not an incredibly huge deal for me personally. I think I would be more interested in a full fledged spoofer at this point, but it seems like those days are long past unfortunately. At the very least I hope the 5.05 exploit uses a better entry point. I wasn’t a fan of the webkit exploit. I’d rather have something that is permanently offline.

    • Marek says:

      1) It was already confirmed that it will be based on webkit
      2) The chance of getting anything else except webkit is really small, webkit flaws are quite common
      3) If you buy ESP8266 for 3 bucks, you are good to go till your console will die

  11. FFTW says:

    Great to hear that! Will finally be able to buy a hackable ps4 in my city 🙂

  12. Shiggitay says:

    YES YES YES! My PS4 is on 5.05! KICKASS!! I can’t wait!!!

  13. Yumak810 says:

    YES MAN!!!!!!!!!

  14. PrinceAbu says:

    Monster Hunter World here I come, took way too long to get this beast machine hacked.

  15. RazorX says:

    where can you download the 5.05 update for the ps4?

  16. HeilHitlerum says:

    Quite funny because I installed PS3Xploit just yesterday on my superslim lol.

  17. Vitagaming says:

    This is awesome! More games and more support for pro! Someone needs to port linux to 5.05 and emus

  18. Rean says:

    I hope this time we can get game updates easily and finally have access to DLC content

  19. boredboris says:

    Nope, nothing more. Just an another copy-paste site trying to make some revenue from ads.

  20. mikithugz says:

    One problem is there is no available website as far as i searched the web, hosting 5.05 update link. All are dead link

  21. Thetechdoc says:

    So what’s the go here in regards to bans? I mean obviously you ain’t playing online or anything and absolutely shouldn’t even if you could, but in regards to keeping your own account on the system ? Has there been any reported bans ? As much as I don’t care about online, I would like to still play all my purchased games

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