Switch: SciresM shows homebrew running on 5.0.1, shares progress on Atmosphere


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  1. Dr.Waka says:


  2. Saint says:

    Does anyone know more or less when the approximate ‘time limit’ to get a Switch that can still use the CW will be? I wanted to get one, but I’m broke until I get a job this summer and I don’t know if they will all have been replaced by the ‘hackproof’ ones by then D:

    • Julian says:

      There is no time limit. You just have hope by the time you get one it will have the same Tegra chip. And if not just pay a little bit more on one from ebay and or a pawn shop.

    • Osoreshi says:

      I would also like to know this, I’m waiting for my credit cards to arrive (because it’s silly to buy one right off the bat with my current economy, I’d rather get a little debt) so I can slam them with a Switch purchase

      • Xerain says:

        If Nintendo is smart they will make the change quietly without saying anything. So I wouldn’t count on any kind of announcement. At best you’ll see an announcement on this site that Switches with slightly different serial numbers are appearing in stores. Then it will be a rush to buy the old switches before they’re completely sold out, probably in a week or two.

    • TouhouLulu says:

      Buy it as soon as you can, good news is that there are zero reports of the new revision being released.

  3. NintendoSwitch says:

    Hahaha, fantastic! Thank you Nintendo for your garbage security. While others have to pay a fee for basic features like save backups, we can do it for free. Morons at Nintendo driving people to hack.

    • Julian says:

      Its funny, its actually really not Nintendo’s fault because the Tegra chip is exploitable. Blame it on Nvidia 😛

      • TouhouLulu says:

        It was up to Nintendo to decide to use their chip though, the tegra exploit is a fantastic gift.

    • Tonyhoro says:

      Dude, chill.
      You act like you’re enraged with Nintendo, and you did nothing for the scene besides leeching on other people work.

      The hackers working on CFW aren’t having this childish behavior towards Nintendo, so neither should you.

      • Pirate Cat says:

        Nothing wrong with chastising Nintendo, or any other entity, for not providing the most basic courtesy features with a paid product. The delivery may have been aggressive but their point is hardly off the mark.

      • ^lol says:

        You are also just leeching, get off your high horse idiot. I’ll comment whatever I want to, don’t cry about it.

        • MyPantiesAreAlsoKnotted says:

          I know, right? Like why can’t people just let us be ***hats on the net without the need to try and edify us with practical etiquette and correct information.
          I know I’m a leech and don’t have any right to complain, but gosh darn it, I have a keyboard and a need to express myself and be acknowledged in the most anonymous manner I can.

      • Alibaster says:

        He’s making fun of Nintendo for their idiotic business practices, nothing wrong with that, they deserve it.

        • Kart says:

          But this is the same practice that have MS and Sony for almost decade and it’s 3 times cheaper. I wouldn’t pay a dollar if it was at the same price as Gold or PS+ cos of HORRIBLE social net in Switch though. Adding friends through friend codes or using voice chat through the phone app is as bad as it can be…

  4. Cypherous says:

    Thats some cool progress, can’t wait to see what other versions of the CFW that it spawns, i mean i already know SciresM is very much anti-piracy so i know atmosphere won’t support any of that which is fine, just looking forward to seeing what gets spawned based on his code 🙂

    Although summer is still a few months away 🙁

  5. First says:

    Last…. I really love this website but the comments under the articles are the worst.

    But back to Topic:
    This is awesome. Cant wait to see more. I remember he talked about a bootable version soon (few weeks). I am excited!

  6. AdamSwine says:

    hello. is it safe to apply the exploit and install the CFW then update the system to the latest OFW? how does this work? i would like to play a game, but want the game to be fully updated. so either i need it to be safe to exploit and update, or maybe a way to update the game without updating the system.

    hopefully someone will comment this for me. anyone?

    • Draco says:

      You can’t do anything yet, wait for a proper release this summer.

      • AdamSwine says:

        alrighty. thank you!

        • N says:

          There’s only a few homebrew that are compatible with 5.x. Libnx needs to be updated in order for homebrew to work on firmwares higher than 3.0. Give it like a week and it’ll be good to go

    • DitchTheSwitchForThatItch says:

      there is also hekate-ipl that works for now if you just want to launch HBL

    • AgathaKnife says:

      Admin or Mod – how do I mark this message as trash to be removed? It’s not on topic, it’s advertising, and the thing it advertises is probably illegal and 100% is a scam.


      P.S. and MatthewDoeby person – you should have higher standards than that….

    • 0ver_flow says:

      How did this comment stay up??

  7. Leon says:

    Working on 5.0.2. But duke nukem doesnt work 🙁

  8. zedlion says:

    so should we be staying on 3.0.0 anymore?
    will atmosphere be any easier to install on 3.0.0 vs any other firmware?

    • ^lol says:

      Stay on 3.0.0, you’ll get a softmod option before anyone else.

      • andres says:

        yeah but i cant use my 200 gb sd card on 3.0.0 🙁 lol 1st world prob i know
        im sure i could just format as fat32 but 4gb limitation

      • Twisted_Chemist says:

        This is false. The x1 exploit is not dependent on any version as it uses the recovery mode of the chip to run the code. At this point it does not matter what ofw version you have

  9. Kiryu says:

    Will Atmosphere CFW be usable on 5.0.2 Also? Just yesterday I was on 4.0.1 and I let my Cousin play mario odyssey and told him not to turn off airplane mode, Long story short He did and updated it to 5.0.2.

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  12. Royne507 says:

    can someone help me I am in fmw 5.0.2 and I am told to update my console to use the microSDXC card. How to use my memory card without updating ???

    • IZZY SKYO says:

      Change your sd card to SDHC if you don’t want to update. But seeing as you are already on 5.0.2, you might as well do the sd card update

  13. Zeke says:

    You know, with the recent weak showing for what Nintendo will be offering initially with their paid online service (wow, online NES games, really… is that the best you can do?) homebrew is that much more important to get old games etc running. I’d rather pay £10 per GameCube game or something, have it legally, but if Nintendo don’t want to then homebrew opens the door to that.

    I wasn’t as bowled over by Breath Of The Wild and Super Mario Odyssey (especially the latter one, to me totally overrated and doesn’t beat Super Mario Sunshine IMO, I got about five hours out of it and then went “seen it!” and booted up my Wii U to play some GameCube titles instead). My Switch has basically sat in it’s dock and gathered dust for months now, maybe getting the odd pull out to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and that’s it. Considering I’ve dropped probably £1,000+ on the console, games (got about 30 on there) and accessories and it’s only a year old this is disappointing. Still no GTA V or other worthy AAA third party port either, Dark Souls helps a little but still, it lacks more adult open world games. It’s the hacked PS3 SuperSlim and regular unhacked PS4 that have been holding my attention recently.

    So to cut a long story short, SciresM is basically the great shining hope to make the Switch useful again with Atmopshere and opening the floodgates to all kinds of weird and wonderful homebrew, with an emphasis on emulation in my case. I’ll probably donate some money his way when it’s all up and useful, he’s clearly working his butt off to gift the scene with it and definitely deserves a bit of renumeration from everyone for his efforts.