PS4 5.01 Linux Loader Work in progress by Vultra (and what this means to you)


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21 Responses

  1. RazorX says:

    i got all excited and then kept reading, such a shame

    • spok says:

      well its always like this in “PS4 scene” when jailbreak is kept in secret for half year or more unlike PS3 where everything was out asap;)

      • jesse says:

        You clearly don’t remember dongles for 3.60+ games.

        • Ucket says:

          Just need Team Xecuter to announce they be releasing a modchip for the PS4. Then you got everyone dumping all the hacks to kingdom come.

        • spok says:

          yes i remember but you know what? It was a RELEASE even if only for cash – also there was CFW short after anyway…

  2. Alibaster says:

    Love how wololo digests this stuff in a way a noob can understand.

    The wait continues then, good thing I have two PS4s though so I can enjoy the lates and greatest games without waiting for an exploit on old FW.

  3. Shiggitay says:

    Should anyone in possession of a 5.0.5 kexploit release it, how hard would it be to port PS4 HEN to it? I’m sort of *** that I upgraded to 5.0.5 and that there’s no way for me to downgrade to 4.55 or below, well without spending money on a PS4 that’s below 4.xx. I could be running PS2 games on my PS4 like a dream and I wouldn’t need my PS2 or three handy to play what I wanna test and play..

  4. deSSy2724 says:

    Wait, only for 5.01 or for 5.01 – 5.05?

    • Xerain says:

      I believe the implication is this could be a different kernal exploit than the one qwertyoruip has. It that’s the case we could see the ability to jailbreak PS4s up to 5.01 while the ‘better’ kernal exploit for up to 5.05 continues to be withheld for research purposes or whatever.

      Or it could just mean Vultra simply has his PS5 on 5.01 and refuses to update to 5.05 for some reason that’s not yet been explained. Possibly an important one.

  5. danny fox says:

    Hopefully guys dont go spamming his twitter handle begging for kexploit release.

  6. juliusz says:


  7. Dagnabbit says:

    If we can get a PS4 port of RetroPie (Emulation Station plus emus) and Kodi running natively somehow, I’d be tickled to death.

  8. Joe Kool says:

    The ps4 will only be fully hacked when ps5 is out and sony ends support to the ps4 just like the ps3. Patience people. If you want to play the games urgently, just buy them.

  9. Thetechdoc says:

    I don’t understand why these hackers hold on to the exploits for so long, it’s not as if 5.05 is the latest firmware anymore, why not just release it? Genuinely curious

  10. JSON says:

    Is there an actual proof that someone on this world have a 5.0.x kexploit?

  11. Lollypop says:

    Correction 450 505 kxploit got released in this newssiteblog wololo in source form richt after or before holygrail

  12. aft says:

    Anyone on 5.01 should be excited! I think it would also be possible to run hombrew also than just linux.

  13. Lollypop says:

    Cant somehow a ps4usblinux installercd be Made to automaten errorfree