PSVita Zelda Port Update Rampage: ZeldaOLB/ROTH/3T/NSQ all updated, some with VitaGL and ImGui!


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  1. someone says:


  2. cracker says:

    Have the diagonal controls been fixed to be in line with LttP? I like these fam-made Zelda games but the controls killed the mood.

  3. WolfRamiO says:

    the snes zelda grphics are really ugly!!! the best one are from the GBA.

  4. Nicolas says:

    Thanks for the info.
    Will update my french fork soon

  5. Max says:

    Great Job
    Dear Dev, please make Pokemon Red GBA port if possible

  6. ChrisHighwind says:

    Actually, just yesterday, Rinnegatamante released 1.5 of Zelda OLB which does have the features the other three ports have.

  7. Prince of Zelda, my favorite one is Bocoran HK

  8. this game reminds me of my childhood… my favorite part is when Zelda Bocoran SGP such a beautifull game