The day the flood gates opened for the Nintendo Switch scene


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  1. nel says:


  2. BeatsOfRage says:

    so uhhhhh…. should we all buy a switch like right now?

    • Destouches says:

      Lol, you bet !

      I bought mine two months ago, what a let down when I discovered it was running on 4.1.0 FW. That doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore.

  3. Vincent Warte says:

    So… what do you think, how long will it take until we see the first backup loader? Just curious.

  4. A7mag3ddon says:

    You forgot to mention Plutoo throwing his teddy out the pushchair and ‘quiting the scene’.

    • Yama says:

      He’s a hacker. The switch is now permanently hacked. There’s nothing are for him to do. You act like he left out of anger. There’s nothing fir him to be angry about. In fact he expressed the opposite saying he’s enjoyed the journey.

      • FFTW says:

        actually there is,as the glitch will be patched in the factory for all upcoming shipments,so there will be a big need to find a way to hack those so that we dont end up with the PS3 situation again,only worse because far fewer switches were sold thus far than PS3s when the 3.55keys became available.

        and i certainly think he left out of anger.

  5. Naji says:

    I am tired of refreshing the site for more refreshing switch news 😉

  6. SminT says:

    So…should one stay on firmware 3.0.0 or is it okay to update to the latest firmware with these latest exploits?

    • wololo says:

      Personally, I’m staying on 3.0.0 until significant software comes out such as Atmosphere, etc… that would make it ok to upgrade. But that’s just my opinion.

    • Bazzaro says:

      There is still a wee ‘issue’ with the firmware number. As the exploit needs the switch to be in recovery mode in order to do something like Atmosphere. On 3.0.0 the WebKit exploit that Plutoo used, can be used to put the switch into recovery mode so that the RCM vulnerability on the Nvidia Tegra bootrom can be used and Atmosphere can be installed from a computer via USB.

      For people on firmware other than 3.0.0 the switch can be put into recovery mode by bridging pins inside the right joy-con connector on the switch. This is why Kate mentioned in her FAQ that 3.0.0 is the easiest firmware to use Atmosphere and that 3.0.1 would take a little more work.

      If you are on 3.0.0 and want to install Atmosphere, all the goodies that will come with that and don’t want to open up a part of the switch, I would stay on 3.0.0

  7. Thrawn says:

    It would be cool if the nvidia shield tv (mind you same hardware) would get a custom rom to allow the nintendo titles running on it. That would be the best switch never made by nintendo. 🙂

  8. Pedantfox says:

    Sorry to be pedantic, but I’ve seen this on a few articles on this website now: “announce” is just the verb, the noun derived from it is “announcement”.
    Good day.

    • wololo says:

      Thanks. That’s on me, not being a native speaker. I learn new things every day 🙂 I’ll fix, thanks!

  9. SrMoska says:

    Will Nintendo® abandon ship? XD

    • Albert C says:

      No, they are already actively making a complete hardware revision codenamed “Mariko” that will be the mainstay once it gets released. It will supposedly fix the vulnerability.

  10. steliosaa says:

    Well written Wololo! This post would make the perfect “looking back” post in some years time! 🙂

  11. CFW says:

    More like the day Nintendo got completely destroyed, I bet they are all freaking out rn in HQ lol. All those pointless updates and withholding features for nothing, still got a hack in record time.

    • Vincent Warte says:

      They know about the Tegra vulnerability for months, it was just a matter of time until it that would leak to public. The new revision is on the way, and all the current Switches with that vulnerability won’t be such a big deal tbh. They’ll be fine.

      • Draco says:

        It’s a big deal, you don’t understand how severe this bug is… regardless of FW, every single switch out there right now is completely hackable, so every single Switch out there and for the next couple of months will be affected until the revision comes out.

        A bug this big is unheard of in the console hacking scene, they can’t simply release an update and patch it out.

        • pez2k says:

          Not unheard of – the Dreamcast at launch could boot CD-R copies of games with no modification to the console whatsoever. This Switch exploit is simply an entrypoint for developers to then go on and start trying to modify the OS, and requires a PC that can deliver the correct malformed USB commands, whereas the DC bug was straight up piracy out of the box.

          It’s certainly big for the Switch scene, but still not unprecedented – the 3DS is also unpatchably hacked at the bootrom level via B9S and the magnet trick.

          • Draco says:

            Fair point, still, pretty unprecedented in terms of a successful console and so early in it’s life cycle (just a year for an unpatchable bug this severe, holy cow).

            Dreamcast flopped, and 3DS only got magnethax basically at EOL.

        • DrunkReptar says:

          It isn’t like Nintendo hasn’t made constant revisions to their handheld consoles in the past for profit. They could easily market a Switch with a ‘bigger screen’ or ‘better hardware’ that would also patch these exploits.

    • CFWmoron says:

      Why should they freak out? They knew it was going to happen since this exploit has already been reported to Nintendo ages ago..

      • ^lol says:

        Think idiot, of course they would freak out since every single switch out there can run code easily and it can’t be patched out with software.

        • ^braindead says:

          Think for yourself you ***, why should they freak out NOW if they already knew that it would be leaked sooner or later??
          Would you actually freak out about something, even if you were already prepared for it to happen? I wouldn’t.

          • ^IdiotStillNotUsingBrain says:

            LMAO, idiot, still not thinking, must be hard for you aw.

            Of course you’d freak out if every single system was gonna be plagued to piracy cause it was rushed out to release and no software updates can fix it.

  12. dacore says:

    Excellent article! Thank you!

  13. dragaron says:

    My body… my body is ready.

  14. Nobody says:

    Its hard to feel sorry for some of these hack groups. I really hope their hubris is perminently in check for future generations. Im sure their work was very hard, and definitely beneficial to the community but they had nothing to gain by boasting their achievements and providing no information. This anon leak forced them to release their info and their “secret” plans because they showed that there was no reason to sit on the information, and took their credit away (which is honestly all they get for this.) Bottom line, if it is a secret race, you have nothing to gain by sitting on the information, nor boasting about that fact to the empty handed community. It just makes you look bad.

  15. ChrisHighwind says:

    The only problem I have with all of this is that it can’t be done on Windows, and I seem to have a unique problem with the Linux VM in that attempting to run the fusee-launcher results in a libusb timeout error 95% of the time.

  16. sam says:

    way better than the stupid PS4 scene. congregates

    • TrueDat says:

      When you have a console that has such bad security it can be easily modded with just a paperclip, this is the wonderful news you get 🙂

  17. the super duuuude says:

    this is incredible news!

    i can’t wait to place my order with Xecuter for their modchip 😀 😀

  18. Vita gaming says:

    Nintendo always gets h4x’d so easy. I don’t really like nintendo but I do like better res portable gaming consoles. I dunno if I will get a switch now bc I picked up a 4.55 pro recently. But of the nintendo titles names seem funky since I have a hacked ps3,vita, and ps4. It would be cool tho I would try hacked switch.

  19. Dagda says:

    This happens when you are an nvidiot and nintendo is one

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