Dolphin developer, Pierre Bourdon, and fail0verflow show off Dolphin running on the Nintendo Switch running Linux – Get ready to play GameCube/Wii games on the go (if don’t mind some frameskip!)


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24 Responses

  1. haha says:

    Wind Walker lol

  2. Yattoz says:

    I lol’d seeing Yuzu running as a Switch homebrew, devs are crazy, that’s why we love them.

  3. Ferky says:

    How can i do this? I need it no!

  4. Kartowl says:

    wow :O that is pretty nice

  5. TouhouLulu says:

    Epic! Morons at Nintendo still don’t have GC running on switch but hackers do lmao.

  6. shinja says:

    maybe a PS2 emulator on the go some day?

  7. sadZ says:

    I’m liking my N switch every hour…totally worth the buy and wait 🙂

  8. James893 says:

    I love the game where Zelda walks on the wind

  9. RandomCommentPassingThrough says:

    That’s not Chinese, it’s Japanese.

  10. balalau says:


  11. q says:

    just get a gpd win 2 if you can afford it

  12. Ferky says:

    If you install Linux, Will you lost Nintendo switch firmware?

  13. Destouches says:

    Excellent news !

    Ikaruga or Sonic Battle should run, not the most demanding games.
    Rogue Leader/Rebel Strike or Metroid Prime, on the other hand…

    Hacked WiiU runs GC iso natively (even on the gamepad !), still the best way to enjoy them on a semi portable imo.

  14. fluk3 says:

    What about ps2 emulation? Think KH2, SWBFII would be two great editions for it

  15. thatguy says:

    why does it say Zelda Twilight Princess under an image of wind waker?

  16. Charles Fasano says:

    A true portable GameCube. Now I just need $300 to buy a switch.

  17. BeastyXV says:

    So… if I’m at 4.0.1 should I stay put or update?