Adrenaline-6.2 released : Adrenaline gets f.lux, FPS with PSX games have been fixed and more!


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  1. Matheus says:

    To update from 6.1 do I need to uninstall and then install the 6.2 ?

  2. gentoo says:

    Cool. I was having issues with some PSX games earlier, the framerate boost should be nice.

  3. Resolu says:

    Is there an easy guide how I can install Adrenaline?

  4. koopysandwich says:

    If you have already been using Adrenaline and want to quickly update, simply open Adrenaline.vpk as zip file and copy all modules from sce_module to ux0:app/PSPEMUCFW/sce_module.

  5. Jgr9 says:

    What is it that causes my 661.PBP to disappear by the time this gets another update?… because it’s still there after install.

  6. Quake says:

    What ever happened to the Movie selection in the SELECT Popup Menu? Used to have it before the last major update. Will this ever return? Have not found anything that can convert PSP/CMD/Movie.

  7. creat says:

    Will I be able to use UMA0 with this?
    I have the black edition which does just that.

  8. Roberto says:

    Adrenaline Rox! One question: in recovery menu of the psp emulator you can change the settings for better color. 2G and 3G options available. Does anybody use these?

  9. fan of wololo says:

    do we have any henkaku plugin and or tools that help you remain brightness at 100% on some games that it force you to lower brightness down to 80%. it’s annoying to play on the game you like and brightness is not enough it hurt my eye too.

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