Microsoft to add more games to Xbox 1 backwards compatibility.


I enjoy hacking Sony/Nintendo consoles. <3

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  1. Parker says:

    OG Xbox and 360 games look CRISP on XB1, I’m very impressed. Oh and Force Unleashed tho!

  2. snk4ever says:

    This is cool. I hope Sony will be the underdog again during the next gen so they would feel obliged to provide nice features like this as well.

  3. vambrace says:

    Is Panzer Dragoon Orta available for purchase as digital copy on Microsoft Store?

  4. kditd says:

    not one game i hoped for! whats about some adult games? suffering, suffering – ties that bind, cold fear, wolfenstein, the punisher, MANHUNT!

  5. Gamer says:

    Its a shame Sony doesn’t use a similar system for the PS2 games on PS4 :/

  6. baba booey! This is great now all we need bc compatible games for spikeout cap vs snk 2 and cap vs chaos and all the dead or alive games!

  7. RedditSpacingNewbie says:

    1- make your system backwards compatible like most
    2- restrict it to a few games
    3- have low quality news outlets like this report every time you add new games
    4- make it look like you’re working hard while all you do is update a whitelist
    5- ????
    6- profit