Chocolate Doom ported to the PSVita – The Vita finally gets a good native DOOM port with sound, custom PWAD support and much more!


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10 Responses

  1. Makak1984 says:

    Hi, nice, meybe some day we will get some port of other versions 🙂 Wololo i watched pic and can’t figured where is X button :/ only option to get back to the article is back button? hmmm

  2. JacobMrox says:

    Yaaas baby more hombrew games!

  3. Implode says:

    Hi. Appears I am first /for the first time ever/ ? 😀 Also, I have a problem with Ultimate Doom WAD, and the Final Doom. Can someone help ?

  4. zfreeman says:

    Are we talking Chex Quest 1, 2, and 3?

  5. Darkcloud says:

    well you have also the option to run PrBoom through as a Retroarch Core on the Vita.

  6. Redsyrup says:

    Doom runs great. Thanks Aurora! Hexen has intermittent lag but also playable. Doom belongs on every computer.

  7. Douche provençale says:

    I’m glad I paid $ 250 in 2011 for some old roms.

  8. Ayela says:

    Best news ever, I’ll be sure to add this to my Vita.

    DOOM is one of my favourite games of all time, I can’t wait to play it on my Vita

  9. Mike says:

    Is anyone currently in progress of porting gzdoom or zandronum to the VITA? Is there a tram or anything ?