mGBA 0.6.2 released – Stability & Accuracy fixes and various other improvements including poor audio fix on the PSVita!


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  1. Laxxus says:

    Does it support SRAM games like MegaMan Battle Network 4-6? In the old gpsp, battery saves dont work after some time

  2. phonz says:

    im still running that gpSP Kai on my Vita via Adrenaline, seems to do the job

  3. PSTV-wood-sporter says:

    I’d like to be the FIRST to say Thank You and I will be trying it this afternoon.

  4. Rolenzorol says:

    Can anyone give some results on this?

  5. asdf says:

    It’s not mentioned in the changelogs anywhere, but this update also fixes ROM loading from ur0: and uma0:.

  6. M says:

    Time for the customary Golden Sun Test!

  7. RazorX says:

    when we gonna see a 3ds emulator for the vita 😀

    • Dragda says:

      After the PS4 emulator reaches the Game Boy Color.

    • Mrox2 says:

      Ignore Dragda’s comment, but we “might” see one if the 3DS PC Emulator performs well enough, then a possible port to the Vita utilizing Vita GL may be possible, after all the 3DS is weaker than the Vita.

      • Axido says:

        Sorry to say that, but Dragda’s comment is much more accurate than yours. I don’t say it’s impossible, but with 100 per cent certainty I can tell you that nobody will ever care enough to even try making a 3DS emulator on the Vita, since it is way too hard to achieve with too little use at the end.

      • Kyomon says:

        That’s not how it works mate

  8. Rolenzorol says:

    The emulator actually seems to run at full speed now. Even Golden Sun 2, I couldnt see any slowdown.

    But the audio has huge lags. It’s almost worth using.

  9. ha says:

    is there a vhbl version of this id like to give it a try ??

  10. Jon says:

    Still some problems with Final Fantasy VI Advance’s audio. Until then it is a pass for me. Can not be missing out on Nobuo Uematsu’s musical brilliance now, can we?

  11. Leo says:

    Strange, I had the past version of mGBA installed and worked without a problem, but with this one when I launch the app and try to load the roms they are not visible no matter in what folder they are at.

    • Leo says:

      Nevermind I added the roms inside UXO: Data/mGBA/ and now the emulator detects them 🙂

  12. ConvexEd says:

    Sadly mGBA is still not quite there yet, but there was a noticeable improvement.

  13. Ell Enn says:

    Good work.Sound is bettet. Meteorisch ZM still has crackling sound. iHome there will come the Point, Ehen it is Fine.

  14. Syncnel says:

    You need the gba bios in the rom’s folder, without it, the sound of the games get distorted.

    • Leo says:

      I did what you said and it did improve the sound in most games, but some still sound bad