Dolphin February/March 2018 Progress Report in a nutshell – Android gets a GUI for detailed Dolphin Settings (INIs) and improvements to touch screen controls, the FPS counter now scales on bigger screens (or high DPI ones), the graphics core gets cleaned up and much more!


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7 Responses

  1. WeHackInformerNow says:

    First a game random review and now a Report on a Report.
    What’s the point?
    Why not just stick to the content people come here for?

    • Aurora says:

      This is part of what people specifically come here for. Emulation is a subject that Wololo focuses on 🙂

  2. HypeTrain says:

    Glad to see emulation is getting better, have a Note 8 Snapdragon model, and I’m shocked how well it can play some of these games.

  3. RazorX says:

    i’m all for emulation i just wish it wasn’t about emulation on mobile 🙂
    i never use my mobile for emulation i just can’t stand the touchscreen controls but that’s just me