vitaXash 3D (Half-Life port) updated to version 4 – Counter Strike support, big stability improvements, better performance and more!


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  1. Untitle says:


  2. Asshole says:


  3. demian says:

    there special server to play counter?

    • Gambikules says:

      Support for the famous Counter Strike (NOT CS:GO) game! Only the client is supported so you can’t host games from your PSVita but you can play on other Xash3D servers with players on Android/iOS.

  4. Macmeow says:


  5. CRKFIEND says:

    There are no bots at the moment, correct? Great work. Once the framerate improves a bit I will totally download this. heck, if rinnegatamante gets this working smoothly I’ll definitely donate to him. His work is greatly appreciated

  6. Aeou says:

    Honestly, when the first version appeared I was impressed enough that I was ready to donate a couple of bucks to the guy who made it, but I dont even think he has a patreon or a paypal page at all. Still, sooner or later I will find a way to throw my money at him, because he just keeps delivering.

  7. Enrikokun says:

    Nice! Counter-Strike at last!

  8. reyner castro says:

    cant make it work , i did all the tutorial but cant make counter strike works 🙁

  9. wolflow says:

    just donated 10 to patreon account:
    Thank you to all developers!

    • fgsfds says:

      That is not my Patreon account. I don’t have one.

    • Aeou says:

      Dont donate, its a scam. Real developer doesnt have a patreon

      • Daube provençale avec épices says:

        You mean, it’s a false developper ? Boooooh
        “Remboursez nos invitations ! Remboursez nos invitations !”

        As long as these vpk are from him, his releases are defninitely bombs, don’t you agree ?
        A guy who did more for the VITA in a few days than SONY did during the past half decade deserves to be supported.

  10. M says:


  11. Daube provençale says:

    Too bad I’m cursed by the “soft” ghost stick…
    Is there any way to calibrate stick’s dead zones to fix this ?

    By the way, thanks Rinnegate !

  12. lollypop says:

    is there a games list that work?
    is there a mods list that works?
    is there a dont work list ?
    great work
    keep phazing

  13. james dean says:

    anyone know the cheapest place to get counter strike to play on this?

  14. Mustapha says:

    Please support bots