Qwertyoruiop: “I don’t have a PS4 5.50 kexploit, and no plan to work on it short term”


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39 Responses

  1. Anon says:

    Yerp, air gap your PS4 now or risk the “my brother/girlfriend updated my PS4”.

    • azoreseuropa says:

      Please stop it.

    • JimmyNigson says:

      Already happened to me. “Hey you got a new update yesterday” – “What do you mean, a game update?” – “No, the PS4 I think” – “I’ve told you NEVER update anything without asking!” -“***, I forgot. I’m sorry” and she updated the switch too previously and knows about this stuff… Sigh

  2. Thijs says:

    I don’t think we are gonna get a 5.05 exploit public until they have a 5.50. I think they want one private one just to test things….

    • reminon says:

      But to test what? The exploit used in 5.05 was patched, and is not usable in 5.50. Under normal circumstances keeping an exploit private is either personal choice, or to keep it functioning in higher firmwares. In this case it’s not the case. Albeit he has full rights to keep it private as his personal work.

    • spok says:

      first he kept it private until it is fixed in new FW and now again until there will be another exploit? worst scene ever (golden PS3 times):

  3. Electra says:

    How much does Sony pay?

  4. anony says:

    I’m on firmware 5.05 at the moment. I guess I will just store my PS4 somewhere on ashelf and use a ps3 instead for gaming. Don’t have money to buy another PS4. I will wait patiently.

    • Crzo says:

      You could hack your PS3 and game normally on your PS4… PS3 has homebrew and everything you need, PS4 only has “I rAn LiNux LuL” without any actual use…

      • ckv1212 says:

        Are you stupi d? You can literally Pirate PS4 games (many are on nextgenroms) and homebrew is already on its way. There are also several mod menus for the ps4.

        • smasher248 says:

          What do you mean on its way? we have had homebrew for a couple months now, and @crzo if you dont know anything don’t talk, giving false information is just stupid

    • Batist says:

      I’m on 5.05 too. Hope he releases kernel for that soon. Not updating to 5.50

  5. FFTW says:

    he also stated that he has no intentions of releasing the 5.05 kernel exploit. basically,we are stuck with 4.55 for the foreseeable future.

    • anony says:

      Yep so basically it’s the same story as the PS3, we will be stuck on a certain firmware for a very long time. On the Ps3 it was firmware 3.55 . I can’t afford buying a new ps4 for firmware 4.55. They are quite expensive now aprox around 400 ~ 500 dollar. Where I live there are no options nearby. You have to resort to the internet and there it’s quite expensive. Older models are hard to find. Even if you find one they will charge you a ridiculous amount of money. I guess let’s just hope some kind soul will release an exploit for 5.05.

    • Bnon says:

      Where did he state that? Pretty sure he said he will release it but won’t give any ETA.

      • anony says:

        Indeed I did some research on my own and he never said he will not release a 5.05 exploit. Instead he’s silent about it and ignores such question. In other words he has his reasons for not make it public yet.

  6. reminon says:

    I found that Gamestop seems to have a lot of final fantasy 15 limited edition slim bundles. They come on 3.55, and there are at least 4 within 100 miles of where I live.

  7. AdamSwine says:

    hello. is anything like save editing, or applying cheats, on the PS4 with just a usermode exploit possible? anyone?

    • Firebuble says:

      Yeah! There are in fact 2 RTM, cw cheat for ps4 and ps4cheater. I preffer the 2nd because its easier to use and config, BUT you need a jailbeakable ps4 (4.55 or below) in order to use it

  8. Lol says:

    Have it or not, who cares? Why is this news? He won’t release it either way, so it’s as good as not having one.

  9. Frog says:

    haha. Couple of days ago you have a news here with text “Qwertyoruiop has also said he updated to firmware 5.50, and confirmed it by showcasing the Webkit exploit. He strongly implied that he is now looking for kernel exploits on the latest firmware.”
    he changes his mind like a woman 😉

  10. Span says:

    PS3/x360 all over again…. Just put your consoles away for a few years or update to play…… Your choice, hanging on every exploit update only gets ppl, excited.

    • Ethan Weegee says:

      The Xbox 360 is one of the best consoles ever in my opinion. I’d love to see an equivalent of PS3Xploit on it!

  11. Grimpsy says:

    Worst hacker ever

  12. anony says:

    For the ones who own a 5..05 PS4 there is still hope, dude doesn’t confirm or deny that an 5.05 exploit is available. On his twitter he doesn’t respond to question weather he has it or now. While he did say for 5.50 there is none but for 5.05 he’s mysteriously silent about it. So have patience because I’m sure he has it but for unknown reasons he doesn’t want to make it public yet. give it time.

  13. Thetechdoc says:

    *Sigh* im on 5.05, but dammit next month, god of war comes out, unless an exploit is released before then, im going to end up updating, then what do you want to bet itll be released the next dam day..

    • Ethan Weegee says:

      -gets tired and updates-
      -next day-


  14. Resolu says:

    I do have my old PS4 on 3.xx FW, but did not bother updating to 4.55 yet, because I have already completed such old games on my PRO either ways, so I just don’t see much point in this hack, until we can play new games.

    Also, playing games without DLC and everything isn’t really that interesting these days, so for now I’ll just wait until there will be a better hack.

  15. Frog says:

    Heh. Eight days ago you said in PS4 Hack status news “Qwertyoruiop has also said he updated to firmware 5.50, and confirmed it by showcasing the Webkit exploit. He strongly implied that he is now looking for kernel exploits on the latest firmware.” So Qwertu he changes his mind like a woman

  16. JamesBond says:

    I hope you realise this guy is working for sony. They use him to boost old console sales.

  17. HackerHimself says:

    why tease first, he tweeted ready to pwn himself and when people get crazy they get disturbed or annoyed. this is insane. release 4.55 and say this will be it for a few time.

  18. Frog says:

    Frog @HackerHimself that`s what i`m talking about…. I`m think he analyze new 5.50 i sony mess up with this firmware. I saw some tweet talking about but i forgot where. They said that sony strongly patched kernel access so i think 5.05 could be Last Jailbreak Firmware for long long time…

  19. Marioh says:

    Ok so I’m on fw 5.50 on ps4, am I f*****?

  20. nirajan says:

    hello bro please release jailbreak for 5.05 i poor gamer waiting here

  21. Vega_slick says: