Linux on PS4 now supports PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro


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  1. First

    First but i don’t care

  2. Matteo

    Would be nice to have some info about Dolphin emulator or Steam games compatibility!
    Is graphics hardware accelerated (Vulkan?) ?

    • qlum

      Considering the single threaded performance of the ps4 it would be a terrible cpu for emulation and harder to run games. It may just run something like terraria fine but don’t expect it to work well as a pc.

  3. fgsfds

    0 comments. So this is how people really care about the legit use of a PS4 exploit.

    • Hypocrisy

      My legit use is homebrew emulators of other systems and my piracy is more justified than your average native platform pirate.





  6. adolf

    ps4 slim ***?

  7. BohemianGeek

    Where can I get that wallpaper? looks very nice

  8. Grimpsy

    I don’t need that f linux, I need a f 5.05 jailbreak

  9. Frank

    Do the PS4 games still works on this Linux? If not, I don’t see the point. You could just install Linux somewhere else…

  10. James woods

    Linux will open many things for ps4 so the more support the more possibilities like ps3 bc etc.

  11. norlatch

    I’m super excited for this. With a legit ditribution this could be an ideal platform for emulation station/retroarch. If i had a compatible console, i really would like to help out and test/compile stuff.

  12. Brecht Van De Sype

    I hope 4.55 is the last jb and i hope that there is a method for downgrade to 4.55 (like ps3 3.55)

  13. zkar

    is there any way to put windows 10 to ps4?

  14. azoreseuropa

    Does that mean I can run PCSX2 emulator on PS4 through linux ? LOL!

  15. PlaGeRaN

    i need that wallpaper… but in black……

  16. yota79

    there is an update for the bzimage with more models

  17. nate_2

    Who has a PS4 that low lmao. Online gaming is what PS4 is about so no one has a low FW.

  18. MelaniT

    Users can also use the Media Player application to enjoy videos, photos and music that are saved on USB storage devices or media servers. PS4 may serve as a good portable device for video enjoyment in addition to game playing. The following multimedia file formats are supported,

  19. Mark

    no video,i have model slim CUH-2016A