VitaShell 1.83 released – Automatic updating fixed and a new installation method must be followed!


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  1. Nathan says:

    First ***’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. psvitaowner says:

    Nice Job theflow0!!

  3. lollypop says:

    first of all
    great work
    keep up the phaze

  4. Demian says:

    Question: Does this version still pulls the update file from GitHub servers?

  5. CriminalUpperEx says:

    I’m getting error 0x80010016 when I try to install the new VitaShell through molecularShell. Does anyone know what might be causing this?

    • remylebeau_000 says:

      I just rename the file from .vpk to .zip and follow the instructions from GitHub page
      Install this new vpk by opening it as zip and copy eboot.bin to ux0:app/VITASHELL/eboot.bin if using VitaShell.

    • CriminalUpperEx says:

      If someone got the same problem I did, just delete the “VitaShell” folder in ux0:patch/ and you should be good to go. By the way: You need this newer VitaShell version in order to install some of the newer game backups.

  6. Dothackjhe says:

    Is there a way I could update VitaShell 1.82 without MolecularShell? I kind of initially lost both apps at some point after smoothly migrating from 3.60 to 3.65 Enso but was able to restore VitaShell via PSVIMGTOOLS.

    I’m guessing PSVIMGTOOLS is already updated to fetch VitaShell 1.83 instead of 1.82, right?

  7. Makak1984 says:

    I am on 6.35 Enso, have molecular shell (also backuped by cma) i do not get it -should i install new vita shell or use zip method?

    • D4rk51d3 says:

      Tried via VHBB, but didn’t work properly, so used the Molecular Shell method. All good now.

  8. Peter says:

    Does anyone know if the white list works with the new 3.55 enso?

  9. NakedFaerie says:

    BTW, that Aprils fools joke is NOT funny a-hole. I thought I was really banned for a sec then, till I realised its VitaShell only.
    I know how $ony work, they love to limit or brick consoles so its just like them to brick a vita if its been hacked so it was convincing till I ran other software.