Release: 3.65 Updater – Enables HENkaku Ensō Custom Firmware on PS Vita Firmware 3.65!

The Zett

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  1. pete

    just a 1st comment here.

  2. nebu_187

    The Zett! Where have u been dude! Welcome back and thanks for the info.

  3. E.N.D

    wooooo nice

  4. E.N.D

    Gonna Wait for other people to use it gonna make sure 😀

    • Smoker1

      Same here. Want to make sure there are no Issues, and certain Homebrew/Games/Plugins still work. Hopefully they come out with a List of items that Do/Do Not work

  5. joey

    thank you thank you thank you!!.. been waiting for this for a really long time! finally we can play games that were created with FW 3.61~3.65! 🙂 TheFlow ur the best!!!

  6. Bovinebuddy

    That developer rocks

  7. Deaddud

    This is awesome

  8. anon

    i wonder if sd2vita still works on 3.65 enso

  9. zain

    yaaay i can play the new digimon game thanks theflow

  10. RazorX

    can anyone confirm pkgi works with this?

  11. Jai

    I’ll stick to 3.60 I think, just in case. Don’t want to possibly run into any issues and potentially lose my hacked device. I like my vita the way it is for now. As my vita tends to sometimes like resetting itself to factory defaults in my pocket, I don’t want to lose enso or the ability to reinstall it if there are any problems. Other than that, excellent work @theflow. U have done a great job with this. Lee up the great work.

    PS: First.
    (I’ve never been quick enuf to do that, lol)

  12. joey

    Very nice. Scene will lit up soon.

  13. Thetechdoc

    Usually I’m one of the first to jump on something like this, however this time I’m going to sit back and wait a while, the vita is very cut and dry when it comes to loosing homebrew as we all know, last thing I want is to have to hunt down another vita just to get 3.60 ENSO again

  14. Jaiho

    the video tutorial sucks

  15. Charles Fasano

    The link for the supposed updater is wrong. It should be:

  16. mark

    sd2vita not working on 3.65 for now…

  17. Salar

    Thx Flow , i will wait a little bit just to be sure 😀

  18. dunno

    i Have Question are we able to play 3.65 games that has been released before?
    im at 3.60 henkaku

  19. Tony

    Could we get a rundown as to, the immediate benefits to using 3.65 spoofed vs 3.65 real firmware. Apart from the obvious being able to play 3.65 games and possibly go online. I don’t play online so that doesn’t worry me and I don’t know how many new games require 3.65.
    Also for people running 3G to SD (PSVD) and sd2vita at the same time if there are conflicts as right now I have gotten mine to read PSVD and sd2vita perfectly. So if anyone who’s tried this or wrote it can you please highlight list the major improvements/reason to use the real henkaku 3.65 firmware.

    Either way thanks for all your hard work I am sure the community are very grateful for this also the scene seems to be dying down quickly with the vita lately luckily with henkaku it has brought it back to life for longer or else I think the vita would’ve been long gone by now.

  20. Si

    Is the only value of doing this to play vita games that require 3.65? If so I guess I’ll stick as I don’t have any.

  21. a7mag3ddon

    Can you elaborate on what doing this would allow us to do ?

    As I understand it you can’t dump 3.61 or higher games without the real firmware, is that correct ?

    • shenron

      You are right.
      You can dump games only with firmware <= of your PSVita with Henkaku. That why now you can play/dump games <= 3.65, because Henkaku has been installed to this version.

  22. DmZ

    Updated to 3.65, try to replay YS VIII for 3.60 and trails of cold steel Undubbed – english sub, it won’t start. Has anyone encounter this too?

  23. loke

    Does anyone know how to make a CMA backup of vitashell?

  24. yoshi314

    the should be a big fat RTFM before the whole thing. there already people who updated and messed it up, and do not have backup of vitashell.

  25. acidant

    What about next update from 3.65 to 3.67 without uninstall enso? (is requed now on 3.60)

  26. Vinsensius Fience Gerald

    Is it possible to get henkaku on 3.65 itself in the future? It’s hard to get a used vita with 3.60 in my region. Most of them are hacked 3.60 priced like a new vita.

  27. Mo Poge

    Will this allow unactivated Vitas <3.61 to be activated for use with Remote Play?

  28. Luziano

    Hopefully Mai/Vitamin gets updated so 3.61+ games will be dumped soon.

  29. Max

    Oh man was i glad to hear your voice after so long dude

    “hello My Name Is The Zett”

    welcome back man

  30. fluk3

    Anyone else have silica’s dex converter installed? Should I convert back before doing this or will it not matter?
    My logic says it could really screw things up if I don’t

  31. sfa2miki

    Great news and work!, thanks TheFlow for all!… I will wait for the results before update ( n_n)