Release: 3.65 Updater – Enables HENkaku Ensō Custom Firmware on PS Vita Firmware 3.65!

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  1. kyrona says:

    worked perfectly once all was said and done. can even download previously purchased games from the playstation store.

    thank you TheFlow. You truly are a god amongst men

  2. Sam says:

    So, everything was fine up until the actual execution of the updater, I put the update on ux0, app, update365 etc, but when I reboot, launch the browser to start henkaku and try to open the updater, it says the updater is corrupted.

  3. Martin says:

    Hello everyone, I need your help. I installed HENkaku Enso 3.65, but I lost all my homebrew bubbles including vitashell. I can not install anything. Is there way to install vitashell via a web page or other.
    Thank you for your answer

  4. darek says:

    Im at 3.6′ and never installed enso for 3.60, just installed the Henkaku taihen, adrenaline and vitashell. Do I need to disable anything on my actual build for the enso 3.65 to work? or should I iinstall the previous enso and then follow this tutorial? Thanks! Im currently creating my backup with qCMA just in case 😛

  5. Smoker1 says:

    Anyone know of a way to get VitaCheat running? A User on another Site tried, but it causes the Vita to not Boot correctly/at all. But I also read on the same Site, but different Thread, that with the Config needs to possibly have # before the Plugin Locations. Example:
    Might need a Space between the # and Location.

    • khalaan says:

      That’s simply disabling the plugins, the # acts as a remark/comment for the rest of the line.

  6. Papita69xxx says:

    I tried starting maidump/vitamin games and they don´t work anymore? Anyone knows about a work around that or my only solution is redownloading them as nonpdrm apps?

  7. Unknown says:

    Hi, thank you for the news, and thank all the people who make this posible.

    I’d like to know what happens if for whatever reason i want to unisntall enso on 3.65, what do i have to do?

    And what happens if in the future when the eol of the vita come, and the ropchain has to be used on a clean 3.67 and we have enso installed.

    I do know all of this is thanks to you guys, and i am not asking for any work. I just want to know if that could happen, before dping anything.

    And welcome back zett.

    • (//_-) says:

      If you want to uninstall 3.65 enso for whatever reason just install normal 3.65. When the eol happens & 3.67 is the new golden firmware then Sony will make 3.68 probably then call it a day.

  8. Bunkai says:


    Firat of all thank you for the news and thanks to all the people on the scene who make this things possible (including webs like frwololo which are an excelent and accurate source of news).

    I know that everything you do here is unpaid, and i am not asking you to do any work. But i would like to know a few things:

    1 – What happens if for whatever reason i want to uninstall enso on 3.65? is there any way to do it, as it was on enso 3.60?

    2 – If that was’t possible, what happens if the EOL of the vita comes and theflow release his 3.67 private exploit and we want to update from enso 3.65? (as far as i know it’s a cfw different on each firmwere, so may be different). I mean, would be need a clean OFW or could be a workaround planed?

    It would be nice to know this things.

    • srmoska says:

      Quick answer to both of your questions: NO

      read the instructions on TheFlow’s github, he will clearly state that if you update to 3.65 and remove henkaku, you will not be able to reinstall it at least for now.

      • Bunkai says:

        You should read better, i asked about uninstall not about install. I read the readme more than once, thats why i asking.

        • emilio546 says:

          you can uninstall but you will get a psvita on stock 3.65, and the flow is not release any exploit to “hack” this version.
          If the flow makes an. update of his exploit you WILL be able to install it.

          Why are you asking so much nonsense?

    • emilio546 says:

      if you are not gonna do anything stupid, just don’t worry

      • Bunkai says:

        I just wanted to know, nothing less nothing more. Nothing to do with worries. 😉

        • Katsu says:

          emilio546, you’re the one really should read Bunkai’s question better, especially he repeated another time with patience. We all appreciate your effort of trying to help.

          TheFlow warned against reinstalling the official 3.65 PUP, he did not warned against uninstalling Henkaku. If uninstalling Henkaku is bad he would have warned against that too. That’s why Bunkai and I wondered about outcome uninstalling Henkaku, to be precise, can it be uninstalled cleanly anymore?

  9. Martin says:

    Hey guys I reinstalled vitashell with psvimgtools but there are no config.text files in vitashell. Can I make one?

  10. darkpoet says:

    Can i delete the 3.65 henkaku enso updater afterwards?

  11. Bovinebuddy says:

    Ok so I installed the 365 enso updater, installed fine, put the new adrenaline on, work fine,
    Then installed homebrew browser and that works fine.
    (Installed on my pstv)
    Half the games on my usb stick did not show up on my live area, even after a refresh and database rebuild.
    PKGI runs but fails to install games.
    I tried the latest plug in for nondprm, does not show up in plug in manager.
    So now I’m going through vita she’ll and deleting the non working games and hoping an update comes to allow PKGI to work again.
    But thanks FLOW.
    Great work

  12. eddychang says:

    how to install new games (nonpdrm) on new sdcard on henkaku 3.65 because we cannot reinstall henkaku on sdcard? plse help

  13. Sarper Kaynak says:

    Hi, i did this update. But after that some games crash with an error code c2-12828-1 . I could save few games with maidumptool (switch original eboot) but some still crash. Any idea what might cause it?

    • Joyman says:

      probably the program that used to dump them is not compatible with the 3.65cfw, all of my pkgi downloaded game is now unplayable, tks god i had 1 game that was dumped with mai and tks to your cmt, i got it playing again

  14. Sonbol says:

    Great works Guy’s we want play Sega Dreamcast or ps2 in the future

  15. Skip says:

    Just want to ask if this is possible:
    1. Install updater and vitashell 1.82 on 3.60 henkaku enabled psv.
    2. Backup apps on Step 1 using QCMA.
    3. Restore apps on second psv but on 3.63 OFW and run updater.

    Note: Assuming both units have the same account.

  16. SOL says:

    Well, I read the “Formatting the device’s settings, memory card and internal storage is possible, though” and formatted my memory card thinking I could install molecularshell from the henkaku page again. No such luck. Don’t format your memory card unless you have a backup.

  17. not SOL says:

    Never mind! I downloaded and set up qCMA, connected my vita once, and disconnected it. Googling psvimgtools vitashell provided a link to PSVIMAGETOOLS FRONTEND, which i installed, ran, and selected EasyInstaller, Vitashell. Then I right clicked qCMA and rebuilt the database. Reconnected the vita, and went to content manager -> applications -> PC to vita -> Vitashell. This installed it back for me.

    Don’t get cocky like I did, just back up vita shell.

  18. Joyman says:

    I just found out that all of my games i downloaded using pkgi is now unplayable after 3.65 =_= maybe they could’ve given a headups first since pkgi is pretty popular these days? Anw, is there any chance that there will be an update to make my pre 3.65 pkgi games playable again? Just to want to know before i delete them all T_T

  19. norfboi says:

    i only have sd2vita but no memorycard how can i update

  20. ganix says:

    can anyone send a complete tai config.txt in ur0 to me? for sdvita as ux0.

  21. Giulio says:

    I’ve installed it, but do not see the MolecularShell bubble, or any of my Henkaku-reliant bubbles. I’ve tried to update via, but I keep getting the error “error: Can’t find variable: found”. Some assistance would be much appreciated.

  22. EmrakulTheAnusTorn says:

    FIX THE PAYPAL LINK!!!!!! TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Giulio says:

    I’ve installed this update, but I cannot seem to find any of my Henkaku-related bubbles anymore, MolecularShell included. When I try to reinstall Henkaku (while on henkaku(.)xyz/go), I recieve this: “error: Can’t find variable: Found”. Can someone provide a solution to this?

  24. Steve says:

    Stupid noob question. Can you use any micro sd convertor or do you have to have a SD2VITA?

  25. AceyDeeC says:

    Hi guys, I’m new here and I’d like to share my own experience with the 3.65 update.
    I’ve read alot of threads and couldn’t find anything on this.

    I own multiple vitas, all with henkaku 3.60 or 3.65.
    When I saw that a new version of vitashell was released I went ahead and installed it without checking which henkaku was running. smdh..

    As you can probably already guess, I lost Vitashell.. But, I did back it up before updating as I followed every step carefully.
    What I found out by accident, is that if you unlink your sd card from a 3.65 vita and insert it in a henkaku 3.60 vita, you can install Vitashell and anything you else you want, there. Then simply unlink again, switch the sd card back into the 3.65 vita and there you go, Vitashell back up and running.

    Unless I’m missing something, this worked just fine for me, without having to retrieve Vitashell via qcma.

    So for those who updated to enso 3.65 and for some reason lost vitashell like I did , try this method instead of losing your cool and doing something stupid like re-install the firmware .If you don’t own a second vita, ask a friend.

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