TheFlow very close to releasing HENkaku/taiHEN (with Ensō) for FW 3.65 – Installable from FW 3.60


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :) Contact me via DM at @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles or if you have any article requests.

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  1. sj33 says:

    Is there a list of games that require 3.61 to 3.65 (not 3.67)?

  2. END_USER says:

    Let me get this straight; the hack can be installed on 3.65 ONLY IF MY VITA IS ON 3.60, correct?

    What about for 3.63 users?

    • Aurora says:

      This hack must be installed FROM FW 3.60. By installing this hack, you’ll be directly going to a HENkaku (with Ensō)-enabled version of firmware 3.65

  3. NORATIO says:

    Why would we update to 3.65? We can already play online by spoofing the version and all games are working except some Japanese games released since which I am sure only a minority is insterrested in. 3.60 is so stable, I think it should stay the golden firmware and put energy on 3.67 kernel exploit to enlarge the community. We need more homebrews and emulator (N64).. this is what the vita scene needs.

    • AD2076 says:

      Do you really play online? No ban risk? I don’t wanna waste my psplus account…

      • TehCupcakes says:

        There is always a risk, but historically Sony has not banned HENKaku users unless they use cheats.

        @NORATIO: That is not true – there are far more games than just “some Japanese games” which require a higher firmware. I’m pretty sure all updates that are coming out now require a higher firmware version, so even games that were originally lower firmware will require 3.61+ in order to play on the latest patch.

        Any exploit for a higher firmware is a win. I’m sure TheFlow was not necessarily trying to find something for 3.65, but rather he was looking for exploits and stumbled across one which happens to be patched in 3.67. You act like this discovery is a useless distraction, when in fact it is going in the same direction as “put[ting] energy on 3.67 kernel exploit”

        • Ethan Weegee says:

          Yes. Minecraft is one example. The latest update will not run on a 3.60 Vita, while an older version will. UNDERTALE for Vita likely won’t run on a 3.60 Vita, since it was released last year.

    • Tamoyo says:

      uhm. Danganronpa V3? Berserk? SnS? Steins gate 0? etc

    • BenoitRen says:

      Some Japanese games only a minority is interested in? Dude, do even know know what kind of userbase the PS Vita has?

  4. Henzy says:

    First?? Đầu tiên

  5. Sky Yuki says:

    Wow nice but my vita would still be a brick cause there’s not really anything to play on it. 😛

  6. Freakler says:

    Thanks aurora 🙂

  7. mgplayer says:


  8. nebu_187 says:

    Thanks Flow. Thanks Aurora for the info. Given its the end for PSN Next year for PS3 and PS Vita and they havent patched the PS3xploit i dont think they care about the PS3 or vita anymore and wont release patches for it anyway

  9. Mario Mario Bros says:

    we can’t play aot 2

  10. MG_Salad says:

    I finally obtained a hackable OLED, but there are a lot of scratches and even dents on the screen that are quite noticeable on solid backgrounds. I suppose that is the price you pay for freedom!
    On topic: This is exciting news. I can’t wait to try out some newer titles.

    • Ethan Weegee says:

      I got a WiFi OLED Vita, in great condition, and I love it. It even came with a screen protector.

      • Keokiq says:

        All you had to do was buy a good one, then replace the motherboard then it looks nice, thats what im gonna do pretty soon cause i want some game dumps and custom stuff, mostly for sd2vita

  11. Albert C says:

    Believe me, I’m going to be waiting for MANY tests before even updating this.

  12. BenoitRen says:

    I wonder if as a side-effect this will also enable us to download games from the store again, because it doesn’t look like CelesteBlue will deliver a fixed version of his/her plug-in.

  13. sav says:

    can’t wait to finally play macross.

  14. Bob says:

    Do all new ps vitas ship pre 3.67? im planning on picking up a second ps vita.

    • Tehgan says:

      If you pick up a new (North America/Europe) Vita, you should be fine. Make sure you buy from a store with a good return policy though, just in case it isn’t as expected.

    • Rich says:

      buy a ps vita tv from amazon like i did for under $70 the firmware is below 3.60 and mine was on FW 3.20 btw
      PS. not the bundle the plain normal ps vita tv with no controller and game

  15. Memcached says:

    Thanks you Mr. TheFlow and his development team. Great

  16. George Ballony says:

    Finally I can play Berserk and a few other games that needed a firmware update!

  17. ScrapGamer says:

    dang, so that means I’ll have to wait until next year, because i’m on fw3.67 already

  18. gbg says:

    Very cool info. Thanks TheFlow!

  19. Itachi says:

    So this is only just an another update of CFW3.60 users? Users of FW 3.61-3.67 this is not for us? I was like excited for a couple of secs. Then i read FW3.60.

    • Formedras says:

      TheFlow already said that the exploit we want is likely not coming until the end of the year.

    • Ethan Weegee says:

      He probably will release the standalone exploit later, which is what you’d need to hack a 3.65 Vita. This is good news for you; you just won’t benefit at the moment.

  20. An Vuong says:

    maximum respect

  21. Taylor Ringo says:

    Wait do we have to be running stock 3.60, or will this work with existing Henkaku users?

  22. azoreseuropa says:

    What if I buy PSVita with 3.65 ? I will be fine ?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Presumably not being able to erase Henkaku also means you can’t reinstall Enso in case something goes wrong? That’s a pretty big caveat.

  24. Johnny D says:

    Release date March 33rd!

  25. Eix says:

    im not going to go straight to it when its released
    even though i have some 3.65 games i wana play
    SKGleba told me that the shell has changed some stuff and alot of plugins/homebrew will break
    if i soft brick
    and im on 3.65 then im sc***
    i wouldnt be able to reinstall 3.60 like i can with testkit firmware
    so nomatter how tempting it may be im still not going straight to it
    i only have 1 vita and i would prefer not firmbricking if that happens when reinstalling firmware

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