m0rph3us1987: Holy Grail for PS4 4.55 will not support usb hard drive backup loading

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  1. Kouros says:

    Ok. I am first!

  2. Brecht Van De Sype says:

    Holy grail is not working for me its keep loading or my ps4 chashed 2 times, om on 4.55 exploot Works but there are a lock on my games en i dont can open

    • Kouros says:

      Me too! Can’t play a game on internal HD, games is locked!

    • Jason says:

      I used the holy grail.bin it fails a couple of times most of the time it works right away. then everything works. i used the ps4-exploit-host by al-azif. the holy grail bin is included in the pack launch and away you go.

  3. Kouros says:

    Can someone, explain why after installing and launch Holy Grail PKG on my ps4 on 4.55, it is still locked and can’t play it!!

  4. Kouros says:

    I meant after installing PKG and launch Holy Grail on my ps4 on 4.55, it is still locked and can’t play it!!

    • Jason says:

      It can fail on occasions but you just wait and it will work eventually as it auto refreshes until the hack goes through.

  5. UndYinG says:

    Same here, everything stays locked after successfully running HolyGrail 455. I’m using Al Azifs expl host
    Will try installing game pkg today when i download for testing but my digital downloads are locked and CD games ask for a cd.

    • UndYinG says:

      Oh, 1 minute later 😉
      it unlocks after you install a pkg from debug settings/game/package installer

      after u run the HEN ofc

  6. UndYinG says:

    My bad, it doesn’t but installed PKGs from debug settings work fine 🙂

  7. Alfie says:

    Not really holy grail in that case then is it

  8. Vo2011 says:

    For Still Lock in pkg load exploit 2 Times so it will Work. And Lock Will dissapear

  9. nebu_187 says:


  10. Charles Fasano says:

    There are those of us who simply want to copy our own PS4 game discs that we bought so we don’t need the discs to play them. Without a backup loader, this is kind of pointless.

  11. Jack Attack says:

    I don’t view piracy as stealing. Plenty, ok most, use it to steal but there are those that would like to have access to their games for THEIR entire lifespan and not be at the whims of corporate morons. To say nothing of preservation. You can ask the MAME idiots that were entirely against piracy in the early days and how much hardware was lost and how many games lost forever because of such a myopic stand. In arcade games of all things!

    That said, if a system is truly unlocked piracy can and will happen. Otherwise you’re limiting homebrew just as much since most need the same level access to truly unlock the machine and be easier to develop for. Which means piracy unlocks as well, usually.

    But I have no problem with someone not wanting to lead that charge. Just spare the sanctimonious tones. You’re still using hardware whose sole purpose to exist is to sell licensed hardware and give their maker money.

  12. Smith says:

    Can someone mention good games that require higher firmware than 4.55?

  13. Meh says:

    One of the tweet replies said “Ähm…It is already possible. Just let the PS4 format the Ext-HDD as extended Storage and you can move all installed internal application/games to the external HDD. Sure you need one USB stick or drive extra to install the pkgs first…maybe you will also be asked where to install”

    Is that right then? its not needing anything exta from Morpheus?

    • Messy says:

      I just tried it. You can transfer the games on an external drive but they refuse to launch.
      But I guess you could still use it as additional storage? Just move games to the external drive when you need space and put it back in when you want to play again? It only takes a few minutes to transfer. It’s better than deleting and reinstalling.
      Still they should just allow us to launch from the USB, those devs really like to create drama for nothing.

  14. mtnjustme says:

    xvortex released few hours ago a hen himself, however, it doesn’t support external hdd’s at the moment either.
    in my opinion his release is more stable then holy grail.

  15. MHuff says:

    Not enabling USB storage support because homebrew doesn’t need so much space? Homebrew doesn’t exactly ‘need’ a PS4 either…
    Regardless, it’s just an unnecessary delay.

  16. MHuff says:

    Not enabling USB storage support because homebrew doesn’t need so much space? Homebrew doesn’t exactly ‘need’ a PS4 either…
    Regardless, it’s just an unnecessary delay.

  17. someone says:

    USB storage for games is a feature of PS4. Games take up way too much space on the HDD. and not releasing the USB support is small minded. why move the scene forward if a person is not going to allow new features and even features that are already on a PS4. USB support should be a common feature of the PS4 exploited or not.

    • Jason says:

      Don’t understand why so many people are up in arms about external support. Why not just upgrade your internal?

      • Virus says:

        I would guess it’s because many people have spare externals laying around while fewer have spare internals doing the same. There may also be the idea where people want to manage files on a computer more easily than using various apps or emulation servers and the like.

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