Vita Media Center released – You can finally play videos without messing around with QCMA!


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  1. hellishanghell says:

    Well, at this pace it seems to me the Devs are playing some sort of race to see who gets more homebrew out for different consoles… and I CAN’T BE HAPPIER!!! PS4, Nintendo Switch and Vita are getting LOVE! Especially Vita since Sony has finally placed the last nail in its coffin along with the PS3. I hope we, as a community, could revive such a wonderful console and keep supporting the ones that we’re getting the tools to mess with!! Thanks for the homebrew!

  2. Samsqwamch says:

    Sooo sweet. Thanx.

  3. Alfie says:

    Can’t wait for mkv support

  4. NakedFaerie says:

    Nice but I prefer the Media player app you can download from the store. that plays from remote devices so no need to download anything onto the Vita itself.
    I’ll give this a go but as I don’t usually leave the house with the Vita these days I stream everything from my NAS so its all good the way its setup now.

  5. lollypop says:

    there is no ffplay port im guessing ?

  6. Slick says:

    Bruh you thought you could put an LGR video in here without me noticing?

  7. Quake says:

    Nice work! Tho, take in mind that extensions with caps will not be recognized.

  8. trolololo says:

    DLNA client support next, i hope

  9. Terry Jones says:

    i put the video in the video folder and it never showed up

  10. gbg says:

    This is fantastic. Thank you so much Arkanite !!!

  1. July 30, 2018

    […] see the light of day perhaps because of how difficult it is to implement. However, there is Vita Media Center if you wish to play videos on your PSVita without messing with […]