PS4 4.55 Jailbreak: SpecterDev releases full implementation, payloads pending


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  1. Odbdbdd says:

    In the space of 2 months we have seen 4.05 kexploit 4.55 kexploit and a 5.01-5.50 WebKit entry.. wow ps4 scene actually exploded!

    • andoryuu3 says:

      Exploded? If you ask me this is just the beginning of an explosion— whether the explosion completes itself to the degree of HENkaku/TaiHEN/Ensō remains to be seen.

      Look, I hope it explodes in full as much as anyone else does. All I’m saying is the current status of PS4 homebrew and development is very user unfriendly. I think when the degree of user friendliness HENkaku brought appears on the PS4, then we can say it’s truly exploded.

      As for what we have now… All the effort by the PS4 homebrew scene has been exciting to watch and I’m thankful for all of it. Never did I expect a current generation console to be exploited so quickly. Proud to say I own an exploitable PS4 too. Fingers crossed that the Xbox One gets some love eventually… and when it does I hope it ends up being better than the Xbox 360 (which sadly only seems to have Dashlaunch and Aurora going for it).

    • Tanuj Agrawal says:

      Cud you you please explain to me what exactly al this tearms like exploit, Kexploit, webkit entry

      How coud some one crack 5.01 even before it is released.. Till date 4.73 is latest right??

      ?please help me i am new to this

  2. mika says:


  3. kims~! says:

    oh yaho~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    My ps4 was 4.50 but I had to wait for it

  4. kims~! says:


  5. saeedrz says:

    i have a ps4 whit 4.07
    can i upgarde ofw to 4.55?
    whitout net!

  6. P3T3 says:

    Holly grail payload ported for 4.55, all good to update from 4.05 to 4.55!

  7. id104335409 says:

    I regret that I updated my Pro when I bought Uncharted The lost legacy.
    Wanted to play it, turned out it doesn’t even save achievements correctly.
    I did not expected that from Naughty Dogs.
    And now I wait for the next jb.
    But I figured there is nothing really interesting to play right now on the PS4 anyway.
    Earliest game worth considering update is NiNoKuni2 but I have reservations after seeing some gameplay.

  8. gnmmarechal says:

    Nice! Seems keeping my PS4 on 4.50 was worth the wait.

  9. GhostMirror says:

    And I am sitting here on 5.03, good exciting news anyways even though there is only a Entry point Usermode exploit at the moment upto 5.05 I’ll stay patient for 5.0x kernel mode release
    I’m glad 4.55 is now busted open allows for more people to enjoy the homebrew stuff

  10. Lo says:

    Dangggg I thought this was the year of the switch why the ps4 getting all this love lol

  11. nukem says:

    does anyone have a link to the 4.55 firmware

  12. Baddshah says:

    i am on 4.06 how do i get to 4.55 ?

  13. Kailash Prajapat says:

    I am new to PS4 world, And I have a PS4 with 4.70 installed, Can I use this exploit to jailbreak it?
    Reply would be really appreciated.

  14. d1che says:

    When I use the exploit I get the following error in the web browser:
    Post Exception: TypeError: undefined is not a constructor (evaluating ‘new window.rop()’)
    What’s this about?

  15. Aaron says:

    I have ps4 ofw 4.55
    The ps4 doesn’t recognize the upgrade I’m assuming since it’s at the same firmware level? Can anyone help?

  16. RG unity says:

    with the upcommig jailbreak would i run pirated games !!

  17. Kupsalou1 says:

    Is It 100% Free ?

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