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PS4 4.55 “Holy Grail” PS4Hen released, enables pkg support (homebrew & “backups”)


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62 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    First? im first!!

  2. nebu_187 says:

    updated to 4.55. waiting for CFW.

    • spok says:

      i do it otherwise like with PS3 – first CFW at least for 5.x and then i will finally buy latest version of PS4 instead of one year old bundle…

      • nebu_187 says:

        Could become very expensive to buy the ”right firmware” on the moment of a CFW release. Better to buy a PS4 and let it wait on low firmware

        • spok says:

          yup cause for some reason these “hackers” always release it after half year or more after they anounce it for e-fame 🙁

          • Sir Mc says:

            Well, most is either for self or public acknowledgement of one’s own abilities… And there is nothing wrong with that, the world’s people want all forms of it. Some, like the majority, like such recognition in cash/wage.

            You, me and all else is second. Those who receive naught but goods shall not give ****. 🙂

  3. Fimo says:

    “with some reporting some crashes or having to try the payload a couple times”
    … other people said there is some lag with some games (HZD…)
    I’ll stay on 4.05 untill it will be fixed.

  4. loki says:


  5. josemi says:

    Second. Im second!!!

  6. Durk says:

    Not sure if I should wait or not. I have a launch PS4 waiting to be used for stuff like this.

  7. ple2man says:

    I think this is a dangerous device ban. Is there a way to avoid ban while exploiting it?

  8. Oldmanrick says:

    Finally… !!! you guys are the best!!!

  9. rit says:

    Holyy Grial!! Yessss. for now to wait for a more stable launch.

  10. Abol says:

    Someone release the 5.0 exploit ffs

  11. Vincent says:

    I just got my hands on a PS4 Pro with 4.55. How do I use this exploit, if I can’t launch my browser without signing in to PS Network? Can I sign in to PS network with firmware 4.55?

    • PU55YD35TR0Y3R says:

      You need to use the User Manual under Settings to launch the browser, make sure you have your net connection setup correctly.

    • Alex says:

      You’ll have to use the user guide at first to provide access to the web browser

  12. Addi says:

    @Daniel ROT IN heck!!

  13. Lollypop says:

    Is there homebrew to come with iT?

  14. Pitatesthe best says:

    This is such great news for people who don’t want to pay for games anymore. I want to download all PS4 games that were made. Will need to get a bigger hard drive for all this pirating.

  15. Patagero says:

    Im downgrading to 4.55.

  16. second says:

    second? im second!!

  17. Squid_test says:

    Second, crying on 5.01

  18. Joni says:

    Wahhho its the same on psxhax.com…..

  19. Vic-20 says:

    Nice thanks to all involved

  20. DarkSeeker says:

    Even if they were to release a cfw for the latest version, I would ignore it. I am far too invested in the Playstation ecosystem to risk it. I’d rather they focus on Switch hacking at this point and release something for 4.1, not invested in the ecosystem there, plus I’d rather give the middle finger to Nintendo because their games almost never go on sale or get a price cut.

  21. feri says:


  22. Xyrem says:

    On 4.07 here, I feel like using the 4.07 payload if 4.55 is less stable as mentionned.
    I’ll wait a couple of days to see how stable things looks then will go for it for sure !

    Can’t wait for a theme plugin to show up !

  23. TheLastOne says:

    freaking last, yay!!!!

  24. Nanasemaru94 says:

    Hope the guide is very noob friendly because I never jailbreak the 4.05 (since I’m stuck at ofw 4.50)

  25. King BOB says:

    Hey guys. Great news. I have a 4.07 PS4 i my cupboard. Whoop Whoop

    Can anyone give an indication to if there is a possibility to earn trophies with these back ups? I used to use a flash drive with my Xbox 360 RGH years ago and I would move from console to console. Could this be possible? has anyone tried it?

  26. Crispy81 says:

    Damn, thought this might work on my 4.73 system, but alas no. Hopefully it won’t be long.

  27. Rubel says:

    I want an opinion.. I have found a used ps4 with firmware 4.07. It has some scracthes on top right corner. Probably 35% of the body are scratched. With one controller and 3 cds, those are 1. The last of us 2. Drive Club 3. Far cry 4. The console has no box. The seller want to sell it 210$. Will it worth it if i buy the ps4?

    Sorry for my bad english

  28. tenow says:

    Had 4.07, updated to 4.55 from softpedia and hacked with DNS method. Running backups flawlessly

  29. lollypop says:

    hmm buggors
    seems that ps2emu on ps4 405 could need an update 🙁
    burnout revenge and burnout takedown dont quite
    get me into driving … freez at loading screens :((((
    could we port pcsx2 after all ? would gta psx iso work allso ?

  30. Entei says:

    Hi everyone, I was able to install one game, but I have a question. It is necessary to do al the process and internet connection to be able to play a installed game (’cause I tried to play online and i couldnt). The are risks to play with the console connected to internet? Like bans or autoupdate?

  31. yota79 says:

    I’m very lucky, I order a used PS4 PRO ( model CUH-7016B) from amazon and It’s came with the fw 4.55 :D:D:D Happy!

  32. hosein says:

    would somebody please tell me what would happen if I jailbreak my ps4 and play pirated game and then try to connect to the internet and download updates for genuine disks I have?

  33. hosein says:

    Hi. if I jailbreak my ps4, can i update games from a genuine disk?

  34. C-dot says:

    can any one help me i have a ps4 on 4.55 when ever i try to inject a paylod the program crashes im on 4.55 the injector connects but crashes when attempting to inject any was to fix this bug?

  35. Hydra says:

    Can someone upload the ps4_455_holygrail.bin file.. i can’t find that .. HolyGrail Mega link are dead

  36. Jpyellow says:

    Still On version 4.73 and never moving again,

  37. OnTop says:

    I need to download games for my exploited PS4, where can I get some. Games like PES FIFA GTA V

  38. Samuel Jones says:

    um guys the link for holygrail is down! where can i get a new link?

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  40. tarteel says:

    Does this Holy Grail payload work on the recently jailbroken 5.05 PS4 jailbreak? cuz mine is right now