Release: Nintendo Switch Homebrew Launcher for firmware 3.0.0


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24 Responses

  1. dd says:

    I dont care if its 1st or not

  2. Xaliax says:


  3. test says:


  4. Nick says:


  5. Drasglaf says:

    I do hope piracy doesn’t come too soon for the Switch.

  6. Switchpiracyisgreat says:

    This is great news! When can we start seeing stolen games to download?

    • Hacked 2123 says:

      It is statistically unlikely that you’ll ever see any stolen games to download, for the Switch or any other video game system for that matter, and even if they were stolen it’d be nearly impossible to verify that they are in fact from a stolen game. You’re better off just creating backups of your games, and at worst, depending on the laws of your country, legally downloading backups of the games you own.

      • RaiBakuoh says:

        Thats just mental gimnastics, the backups are in the 99% of times, pirated games.
        But ok, call it back ups ripped by yourself.
        When can we hope to see the first backup games run on this?

    • azoreseuropa says:

      Stolen games ? Wrong answer. People dumped it to allow to share with us. If it is stolen games then that mean you get it without someone’s permission. Silly!

  7. Laxxus says:

    Not being a *** but I believe piracy is too soon for the switch. Being able to play backup games this early will ruin it and likely decrease the sales of its titles, causing less to be released for the system

  8. cpasjuste says:

    Hi, here is maybe the first homebrew for the launcher !! 🙂 My Final Burn Alpha port running on the switch. Put roms in “/switch/pfba/roms/”. No audio, input a little crappy in the menu but SF3 3rd Strike does run fullspeed for example 🙂

  9. rit says:

    It’s not for nothing, I speak in total ignorance, but it seems to me that both Sony and Nintendo are trying to sell as many consoles as possible in 2018 so much so that I think they have left and in some way helped the SCENE advance faster than normal this year, there is too much coincidence I do not say.

  10. Proton Destron says:

    Would it be possible to use a hacked DNS server to upgrade to 3.0.0?

  11. Awesome says:

    Hope we never get piracy. Games are not expensive, don’t be cheap and pathetic.

  12. Roberto says:

    The games are really expensive. I mean 60 bugs for a game? Come on.. Nintendo has to make better offers. As you can see all or most of the online listed digital games have the same compared with the games in the store…

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