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PS4 hack: There might be a possibility to play 5.xx games on firmware 4.05


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17 Responses

  1. IgrikAkira says:

    Sad. No 5.xx firmware.

    • spok says:

      yup this is just similar to PS3 method back in USB jailbreak days where games for higher FW than 3.41 worked with modified EBOOT:)

    • Neuordnung says:

      5.05 kernel exploit incoming!


      Specter (@SpecterDev)
      Within the next few weeks there will be a PS4 5.05 full stack release including tools for homebrew development. Some other tools will be dropped as time goes on. Don’t update your <= 5.05 consoles if you care about homebrew. Hope to see cool…


  2. Fiestebitan says:

    Please b posible …please b posible….. Please b posible… =D

  3. Flex says:

    I hope someone does this to persona 5

  4. meawthunder says:

    Jailbreak5.03 please plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. Ethan Weegee says:

    We need something like this on the Vita!

  6. mm says:

    that’s awesome
    we don’t need 5xx firmware
    maybe in 2 years or so

  7. othmen chargui says:

    how to dump games with out install

    • sosofah says:

      good point! Maybe the warez-groups need a non-public 5.05 exploit.

    • Fimo says:

      If a warez group owns a non public 5.xx exploit:
      – Sony wont be able to find the vuln and patch it
      – That group could release those FPKG for 4.05

  8. Osoreshi says:

    So… what about Vita? highly unlikely if it hasn’t been done on the Vita already.

  9. FFTW says:

    This is really great news. however,i dont want to celebrate just yet. can we rip games that are more than 4.05?then repackage them?and how? if we can then i will celebrate 🙂

  10. ple2man says:

    Maybe we can do this same thing to ps vita?
    Well, i want to see that.

  11. playa says:

    Yup . HZD on PS4 4.05 is playable.
    Oh dear

  12. drk says:

    Great job russian guys ! I played HZD on 4.05 !