Trails in the Sky SC Evolution gets an English translation for the PSVita/PSTV – Enjoy the sequel to the first game on the go in English!


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :)Contact me via DM at @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles or if you have any article requests.

8 Responses

  1. z2 says:


    Hopes this gets a nude mod as well

  2. Allahabad says:

    It is a guy posting.

  3. Allahabad says:

    They think if a girl is posting articles about Vita stuff, they will draw a crowd…

  4. Yamato says:

    Nice, I already have this on steam, but will gladly play the updated version too.

  5. sadsa says:

    can you upload pre-patched instead of doing such a complex and risk (for newbie just enter henkaku 3.60) decrypt this and encrypt that not my thing